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Fosters needed for Shibas in IL (commercial breeder rescues)
  • shibamistressshibamistress
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    Crossposting this from FB:

    **URGENT!** Foster Homes Still Needed in IL and surrounding midwest states!! SIRA is eagerly waiting to rescue 15 Shibas from a commercial breeder. We have several foster homes ready to go, but need more in order to rescue these dogs!!

    These Shibas range from as young as 3 months old to 7 years old, both males and females, with a few having special needs. Foster homes are essential to our work as a rescue organization. We don't have a kennel facility and these sweet pups need to experience life in a home so we can prepare them for adoption. Please consider opening your home and heart to one of these Shibas. For more information on fostering please follow this link, read the information provided (including the foster home policies and procedures) then fill out a foster home application.

    We are determined to rescue all of these Shibas. Please email if you have any further questions after reading the information from this link

    These shibas will be arriving in the Chicago area. We can make special arrangements ahead of time to get your foster dog to you if you live in the surrounding states.

    *Please Share!*
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  • dhelsingdhelsing
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    Foster homes still needed! Also, SIRA needs transport help this weekend (between Chicago and Kansas City, MO). Please email if you can help! Thanks!
  • LaRen616LaRen616
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    I would love to help foster but I already have too many animals so I would be turned down.

    If they didn't care about how many animals I have I would absolutely take one in!

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