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Looking for a Shiba
  • We just lost our almost 12, Black and Tan, gentle giant, Shiba from pancreatitis, yesterday. I am one who cannot be without a dog, let alone a Shiba. This was our second Shiba and what a companion. He was such a love, not your typical Shiba and probably not one that I will ever find again. However I am looking for another male, preferably sesame and preferable 1 yr old. Please please if you can meet my request for one sad woman, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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    I am so sorry for your loss, he sounds like he was a wonderful boy. It sounds liked Shiba rescue would be the best avenue for you since you are looking more for an adult. Where do you live?
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  • Oh sorry. I'm still so upset. It live on the west coast of Fla. I've been on the Shiba rescue but they don't have what I want at this time. I'll keep looking. Thanks.
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    Oh no, I'm very sorry to hear about your loss! It seems like he was just recently diagnosed with pancreatitis, too. How devastating... We'd love to hear more about him if you'd like to start a thread in our In Memoriam section.

    Do keep your eye on Shiba rescue listings. The Shiba Inu Rescue of Florida is a great group, from what I can tell. It also doesn't hurt to message them personally and introduce yourself, as online listings are not always reflective of up-and-coming dogs in foster care.

    We generally keep specific "Shiba wanted" requests in the breeder discussion threads, even though it sounds like you're looking for a rescue or a rehomed, adult Shiba. I'm going to go ahead and close this thread in accordance with forum rules.
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