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How many of you involved in rescue/fostering!
  • thecody59thecody59
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    Hi I was wondering how many of you guys are involved in rescue or fostering. I just took in a pitbull in need I saw him on craigslist and the lady needed somebody to take him that day or she was going to lose her house. I felt bad because she was going to have to bring him in a shelter which most likely he would be put down since he is a 7 year old pitbull. But now a lady for a rescue is coming this Wednesday to take him to his new home!
  • SayaSaya
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    That's great he's getting new home so quick. :)

    I don't do any fostering yet, but eventually might, but not good time and I want to be able to put a good effort to work with the dog.

    For now I go to once year shiba picnic thing that raises money for rescue and shelter and donate to local shelter.

    I've owned a dog from a shelter and she was great.
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