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  • Thinking about getting rid of Jax. He used to listen well but not anymore he will do anything to defy my boyfriend and I. I've just about had it. There's a picture of him in my introduction so if anyone is interested let me know.

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  • Your 15 week old puppy?

    Please find a shiba rescue in your area and surrender him. In fact if you mention where you are, some forum member will likely post the info for you. It is the best possible thing you could probably do for him, imo.
  • curlytailscurlytails
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    Um, you do realize you have a puppy in your care, right? They don't exactly come ready to listen straight out of the box... Have you gone to any puppy classes with him? Or any kind of preparation before acquiring this dog so you knew what you were in for?

    Also, have you contacted your breeder? Many breeders have it in their contracts that they are to be notified if for some reason you can no longer provide for the dog they entrusted into your care. If from a pet store, mill or less than responsible breeder though, I suggest considering contacting your nearest Shiba rescue if you really think this is what you do. Where are you located?

    Have you looked through some of the Common Puppy Woes or commonly asked questions on this forum to see if you're facing typical issues that can be addressed with some basic responsibility and patience?

    I'm going to move this from "General" to the "Rescue / Dogs in Need" category for now. However, I hope you're just speaking from frustration or choosing your words poorly. The forum can provide a lot of assistance and advice for basic puppy problems, but frankly, I don't think many of us take kindly to those who see the forum as a place to "get rid of" their puppy without some indication that you've even tried in the first place...
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  • jennjenn
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    :O seriously? i truly hope you are joking.
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  • Didn't you say your boyfriend looked after huskies. Unless he only looked after them as adults or they were unusually calm for the breed he should be able cope with a stubborn dog.
  • koyukikoyuki
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    Well given the attitude you have towards your puppy, whether you are frustrated or not, the best thing would be to return your puppy to your breeder, or a Shiba rescue as suggested above. If in the future you feel you want another dog you would probably be better off with an adult dog/mellow biddable breed. Or a stuffed toy. All dogs take work-it doesnt happen overnight. Its trying and challenging and exhausting but there is no easy fix. If you want a dog, you just deal with it and educate yourself and equip yourself with the tools to raise a healthy, happy and stable dog.
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  • sunyatasunyata
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    Thinking about getting rid of Jax.

    This makes me incredibly sad. Dogs are living creatures and are not something to just get rid of! X(

    It sounds to me like your poor puppy might have been an impromptu purchase with no research or forethought given to what goes into raising a puppy, especially a Shiba puppy. And the really sad part about it is that the puppy is who is suffering here, not you as the owner.

    If you are of the mindset that a dog is something that you can just get rid of, PLEASE, for the love of dogs, get your boy into a Shiba specific rescue immediately. I can only assume that he did not come from a reputable breeder, but if by chance he did, then return him to the breeder immediately.

    As for @koyuki's suggestion of getting an adult dog, I honestly do not think that is a good suggestion in your case (unless for some reason we are all totally misreading your post). Because ALL dogs do take work, even if they are adults. They require patience, time, money, and a LOT of training/socialization. There are good days and bad days, just like with any living creature that has emotions and the ability to think for itself.

    And the thought that your 15 week old puppy is defying you is just silly. Puppies need to be taught what is acceptable behaviour and what is unacceptable. They also go through stages where they seem to forget everything they have already learned. It is part of their development.

    So please, tell us where you are located and we will be happy to give you some Shiba specific rescue contact information.
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  • Hey, I would reconsider. The dog is a living thing and will come around if you are being persistent, consistent and fair. Remember, what you have on your hands at 4 months old is the equivalent of a 2.5 year old human. They won't always get it. By 9 months you'll have a different dog on your hands.

    Hope you aren't making a rash decision. I wanted to put banjo up for adoption numerous times but couldn't find a shelter that was open at 5 am. Now, I can't imagine life without him.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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    Okay, first off; RELAX. I've been there too! I know it can be so overwhelming, but like what everyone here said; IT PAYS OFF AND IT GETS BETTER. The dog is young, like, as young as a human toddler. Just keep at it, don't get mad and be patient. Take the dog to puppy class (it really helped me) - and if you feel like it's getting too much; ask for help; get your bf to help, take a break, relax, unwind.
    Read up on puppy raising, first time is hectic, I know (I'm even a little bit scared for second time, but I'm hoping I'll be more aware) - anyways, by 6 to 9 months, the puppy will understand you better, the puppy will be more easy on you, and by the end of the year you will be so happy that you have stuck with it!
  • koyukikoyuki
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    @poltergeist unfortunately In my experience, 6-9 months with a Shiba is actually when the 'challenging ' stage starts, not to discourage the OP. But a 7-12 month old Shiba is not as easy as a 15 week old puppy. Ofcourse every dog is different. So im going by what ive read and my own experience in raising 4 Shibas (2 of which are still in the jerk stage). :-)
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    Please consider rehoming your puppy. My gut feeling is your heart is not into working through the problems.

    My Penny came to me by someone who bought her impulsively and did not want to make the 6 hour trip back to the breeder.

    Penny is well loved, happy and well adjusted Shiba (LOL) even with all of quirks.

    Seek out your local Shiba rescue.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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    @koyuki yeah, just got an email from my breeder. Endo has learned to toy guard :'(
    Something to start teaching him not to do!
  • SayaSaya
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    Sorry about this gabsnellbaker. :( Your puppy looks so cute.

    Puppies are a lot of work reason why many people get adult rescues over puppy..

    Luckily puppies are too cute to be mad at them..

    What do you mean defy you? Have Jaxon been to puppy class/kindergarten?

    I've read huskies can be a huge handful so someone with husky experience should be able to handle shiba they're smaller, but have some spitzy personality.. I never owned a husky so can't compare..

    Seen them at dog parks and two husky playing is fun to watch.

    Shiba can be aloof and independent they don't shower their love like a boxer or lab by licking constantly or asking to be petted or belly rubbed 24/7..

    Like others said please find shiba specific rescue they can take him and find home or do courtesy listing..

    From what I read shiba is probably not for you. Telling what state your in might help who knows maybe there is someone around here who is close and are wanting a pup.

    Have you contacted breeder for info and help? They might have insight.

    Saya was a hellion of a puppy, but she matured well at around year and mellowed out more by two. at one she still had her moments.

    coarse all shiba are different some mellow and some crazy and need much more exercise and training.
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  • oneluckymugoneluckymug
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    I have found my Shibas to be the "easiest" of all my puppies...though puppies in general are a lot of work. You are their lifeblood so they need attention. They are pretty quickly into the terrible 2-like times a toddler is and all the work that comes with it. At that age it's still pretty easy so at this point it seems maybe getting a dog at this point in your life was a mistake. ....we all make them...just make sure the puppy doesn't pay for it. Maybe remind folks what area of the country you are in so they can point you in a good direction for a rescue. If you bought from a reputable breeder they should take them back, especially this young.....don't even try asking for a refund. It's okay to admit you got in over your head.
  • FuyutsukiFuyutsuki
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    If I'm remembering correctly, you were following the alpha/submission form of training correct? Have you tried something different? When my boyfriend tried that with Fuyutsuki he was far worse than with positive reinforcement.
  • iLoveMyShibziLoveMyShibz
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    You have a "puppy." Please calm down and focus. My little guy is 8.5 months and he was perfect up until 7 months. I started taking him to puppy beginner classes at 5 months. Taking him to an intermediate course now. I'm not here to tell you what to do, but as the others have said, just hang in there! Puppies come with a ton of responsibilities and sadly, you must not have been thinking clearly when you got your pup. Don't punish your puppy because he is simply a baby. He is learning and needs you to teach him the difference between what is right and what is wrong. You may need to invest more time in working with him. Puppy classes are quite affordable and don't last more than roughly an hour a session. If the classes are out of the question, then work with him an hour a day or whatever works for you. Your post is quite sad and very unreasonable. It's like having your own child and once he/she reaches his/her "terrible two's phase," you decide to put him/her up for adoption!!! Don't give up! Acting out and being feisty is normal for a puppy. Don't punish him or quit trying.....maybe you should come to conclusion that you aren't cut out to raise a puppy at this time and that you made a mistake. The puppy deserves to be in the hands of a strong willed individual who is willing to give him/her a *wonderful* life.

    Am I wrong?
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