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We're going on a road trip!
  • kirjohkirjoh
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    In July, I am moving back to Michigan from Florida, and will be making the trek along I-75 from Tampa to Detroit with my little Penny! She's probably going to have to ride in the front passenger seat since my car will be packed, and I'm thinking of getting a seat belt for her, since it will be such a long trip. The drive is about 19 hours, and I will definitely be stopping at least once overnight.

    Has anyone else made such a lengthy trip before? I'm considering attempting to make it a three day trip in order to allow Penny and I to get out and walk around before being cooped up in the car for several hours. Does anyone know if there are things to do along I-75 that are dog friendly? Or know a source where I can find such things?
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @kirjoh - Did you look through any of the threads in the "Travel" category? There are multiple threads regarding traveling long distances with dogs, moving cross-country with dogs, etc. that have some really great advice and information. I highly suggest reading through those and then if you have more questions, asking them in an existing thread. (this helps keep the forum neater and helps keep like-information together to help others who may have similar issues/questions in the future.)

    Since there are already existing threads on this topic, I am going to close this one.
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