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I've tried everything, I'm going to have a breakdown
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    My puppy is now 6 1/2 months old. She started to house break then all of a sudden it literally stopped! She has not gone outside to the bathroom in over two weeks. She will only go in my house! When she's at other peoples homes or at daycare she goes outside! I don't get it? I have literally tried EVERYTHING! The latest was keeping her on the leash 24/7 by my side when she looks like she's about to go I drag her outside and nothing! As soon as I walk in the house she pees! Even when I go to drag her back out she will pee across the house, in my arms and when we get out she stops. This goes for poop too! She will literally suck it back in when you go out!! HELP I'm going to have a breakdown :( oh and yes crate training didn't work she will go even in her tiny crate on her bed

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  • Don't have a breakdown! It will pass! :) But mostly, ask your question in one of the myriad threads we already have on housetraining. You'll see more in those threads, but basically, you need to go back to the basics of puppy training, not letting her be unsupervised, taking her out every hour, etc.

    Here's one to get your started, but there are others:

    We much prefer you to post in an existing thread than start a new one on the same topic, especially in such commonly asked topics as this, as it keeps the forum neater. so I'm going to close this read, and please peruse other threads on this topic and repost your question there!
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