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Vet says Kai is a scavenger
  • LuvourSiLuvourSi
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    Need training tips to help Kai with a behavioral issue diagnosed by the Vet. She is constantly eating everything in site (including her poop and my other shiba's poop) and drinking a lot. I would say more then any puppy I have ever seen. She has been very hyper and energetic since the day I got her. He says she will need to be trained out of this behavior. I do scoop to remove any waste but she will go for it right after she does it. I will tell her NO and she will look to me and go back to it. I have to go to her and make her leave it. She does know what no means but ignores me. I have started using unseasoned meat tendorizer this hasn't worked yet, so I will be buying forbid soon. I feed her Blue Buffalo so I wouldn't think she is lacking anything from her food. I feed her twice a day 3/4 a cup each time. She eats more then my year old shiba. She tries to get his food when she is finished. I do train everyday so they get extra treats. They both also have bully sticks and other bones available along with dental sticks daily. However, when she is finished with these she eats grass, bugs and anything else she finds. So often that when I am trying to play with her ex. fetch she will leave mid game or play and go find something to eat.
    Am I doing something wrong? My older shiba Si was never like this. Super easy to train and has always seemed satisfied with his meals. Again, she eats more then him. She weighs 7.6 pounds and he weighs 25-30 pounds. She just never seems satisfied.

    I have searched for days on different posts to try and find another post similar but was unsuccessful. So my apologies for a new post if there is one already like it that I may have missed.
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    @LuvourSi - There are multiple threads regarding poop eating.

    Here is one to get you started on your reading:

    ETA: And remember, using Google to search the forum generally gives you a better result than using the forum search page:
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