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Puppy will not walk with a leash on
  • inryinry
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    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this in or if there is already another thread about this. I tried to search for one but the search function on this forum is a little odd.

    My 3 month old puppy refuses to walk with his leash on. If I have it clipped to his harness/collar in the house he is fine with it, but if I try to take him on a walk outside he absolutely refuses to go anywhere! A perfect example is the other night I took him on an hour walk which actually ended up with him walking 15 minutes, me dragging him for 5 minutes, him laying flat for 10 minutes... And of course me carrying him the rest of the way home...

    When this first happened when I got him I figured he was just still shy and adjusting so he didn't wanna go for a walk, but then I tried again a few days later and he barely lasted 30 minutes so I assumed it was too much for him. So again I tried taking him for a shorter walk another day and it's the same thing every time, except now he just won't even bother walking.

    Has anyone else had this problem with their shiba? How can I fix this issue?

    Advice is much appreciated, thanks!

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    Since this is a frequently addressed question in Common Puppy Woes, I've merged this discussion into Shiba puppy refuses to walk on walks. Browsing the puppy category or using the Google search method will produce a number of other related discussions if you'd prefer to bump another thread by adding your questions.
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