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How much did you pay for your shiba?
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    The story in the short: how much did you pay for your shiba? What did the price include? Was it from "professional" breeder or did you later learn it came from puppy mill? Was there any specific requirements in the contract, like permission for the breeder to breed one litter with your dog, which was discounted from the price you paid? What would be the highest price you'd be willing to pay for shiba?

    I kept looking for shiba almost two years. I found many very nice and responsible breeders and was already planning to take a dog from another breeder. However, I ended up talking with the breeder of Muura and she had female shiba I had long admired from pictures. I met the breeder and Muura's mother, Aisite, and she was really the nicest and most beautiful shiba I'd ever seen. Luckily the breeding went well and three little red shibas were born, one male and two females. I was looking for a female and since the another female would be going to a couple with children, she decided to give me the one with more temperament and fierce nature. Her choice was absolutely perfect - Muura is exactly the dog I was hoping for, even if she isn't always an easy one.

    Muura cost me 1500€, or somewhat 2060$ at the current rate. It included vaccinations, microchip, registration to FKC and "puppy package" (food, collar, back bag). We agreed that the breeder would have permission to breed one litter if the dog is healthy in every way and performs well in dog shows or agility. She pays for physical examination (hips, knees, eyes, back) when Muura is two years old which is worth of somewhat 220€ and if the litter is to be breed, I'll get 10% from the price of whole litter.

    The price was pretty high, but Muura is from very good lineage. All the dogs in her family are very beautiful, healthy dogs with excellent, shiba-like nature. Her inbreeding percent is 0,0% from eight generations.
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