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Why is my shiba inu so timid around other puppies?
  • I've had my shiba for almost a month now, she the sweetest most intelligent dog I have ever met. She has one small problem, she is timid around other puppies. I first noticed this when I took her to a puppy meet and greet at petco. She refused to socialize with the other puppies and just sat in front of me with wide eyes telling me: "PLEASE DADDY LETS GO HOME!". She is warms up and is playful with dogs MUCH larger than her. What can we do to overcome this hurdle?
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    Enroll her in puppy classes and look into doggie daycare for exposure. Is she uninterested, not as confident, or just gets annoyed with puppies in general?

    Kira has started to show a little irritation with puppies too, understandably so because she dislikes how "rude" they can be. Puppies have little to no boundaries and can be overwhelming to Shibas because they do not really have a high tolerance level.

    I recommend that while still at a young age, expose her to as man experiences as possible to get her used to them, including rude, annoying puppies. Just try to be aware of the puppies and what your Shibas toleration level is so that you can give her relief when she needs it.
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  • Meeko is the same way. Most of the family dogs he has met have been so nice with him yet he still just sits in my lap or sits next to me and gives me those eyes. I can't tell if he's uninterested or anxious or scared. He just seems to sit and watch but absolutely no involvement even when treats or toys are involved. The closest thing i was able to get out of him was to run around the back yard and have them both chase me. Eventually after a few runs back and forth in the yard he got up the courage to run on his own but as soon as he realized another dog was chasing him he was bolting my direction to continue the sitting and the watching as the other dog just played.
    I've recently enrolled Meeko into Puppy Kidergarden with puppy play times on the weeks for an hour. I'm hoping this will help socialize him with other puppies his own age. That as well as getting him use to being around other dogs. Its just funny as he has no problem playing with my cat yet when it comes to other dogs he just doesn't know what to do.
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    @KCMeeko - Puppy Mill/BYB pups are often under (or even not) socialized during crucial periods of their early development. Definitely get him into a Puppy Kindergarten class with a positive reinforcement trainer that knows how to work with fearful and anxious puppies.

    Make every experience a positive one. Know his thresholds and remove him from situations before he gets overwhelmed. There are LOTS of great threads on socialization that have some additional great advice. But if you keep at it and keep it positive, I am sure that he will start to learn that other dogs can be fun. :)
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  • When we first got Clifford and were socializing him, we only had friends with adult dogs of various sizes so that's who he got to meet and play with. He never actually played with another "puppy" for many weeks. And while he'll play with puppies now, he seems to prefer adult dogs. I've also noticed how rude people can be when they insist on making their dog play with other dogs and their dog doesn't want to do it. I imagine it's like how we don't necessarily want to be best friends with everyone in the world and neither do our dogs. Not sure if your mom ever shoved you onto a playground with a bunch of strange kids and said "go play!". Anyways, be patient as your pup may just need more time to get acclimated to other puppies. And don't be mad at her if she doesn't want to interact with everyone - hey some dogs are stinky and no fun to play with.

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