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Some nice Shiba photos
  • This was on Huffington Post today. Some nice Shiba photos

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  • LaurenceLaurence
    Posts: 23
    I really like the first two pictures, so cute! :)
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8588
    She is a great photographer! Thanks for posting. :)

    (by the way, I changed the category, since this is more an article than a forum photo gallery.)
    Bella 2Mountains 2Nola 2
    Casey, with Bella and Nola, hanging out in the mountains of Virginia.
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  • poltergeistpoltergeist
    Posts: 426
    Wasn't she featured on an article about doge meme? Because the scarf one (which is her dog?) - was used for a doge meme.

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