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Feeling Inept
  • AntoinetteAntoinette
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    This morning my Quake picked up a dead squirrel under a bush while I was walking him. He would not drop it so I stayed with him in the same general area and firt spoke to him sternly then softened my voice until he got it that we were not going back home until he dropped the dead squirrel. He finally dug a hole and when he dropped the squirrel for a second I pulled him away and took him back home. I came back by myself to pick up the dead squirrel and put it in the trash. He did not ingest the squirrel but just held it it in his mouth for about 40 minutes. I called the vet who said just to watch and make sure he does not vomit or act strangely. It's times like this that I feel so inept at taking care of Quake but I hope my love for Quake helps me with my insecurities. He usually is good about listening and will drop a toy if I ask.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Antoinette - There are tons of thread regarding teaching drop it with novel, high value items. Make sure you search through the forum for existing threads before posting a new one.

    Here is a thread to get you started on your reading:

    If you still have questions/comments after reading through the existing threads, feel free to pick the most relevant one and post there. You can also start a "Life Story" thread for Quake to post about his adventures/mis-adventures there.
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