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Post-puppy depression; puppy blues.
  • poltergeistpoltergeist
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    Hi guys, I searched the site and couldn't find anything on this subject. I thought it would be a very handy idea to create a thread about this topic.

    Now, a lot of you maybe asking, "Post-puppy depression, what's that?" It is something I actually suffered from when I got my BT as a puppy (and as a first time dog/puppy owner, etc) and hence why I think it is an important to address the issue for others who may suffer the same thing. I wanted people to share their experience (if they have suffered from this too) to show that they're not alone and that puppy blues will pass!

    Post-puppy depression is when a new owner (most likely who just got a puppy) suffers the same symptoms from newly mothers who have postpartum depression. I know that may sound weird to some, but it is a thing. I know, I suffered. The first week I had my Boston, I had hoped my cat would accept the puppy so willingly (turned out my cat is a homicidal maniac) and having more work piled on me (separating the dog/cat) it made me start to question what I did. I became extremely guilty for taking in a puppy, I began to get overwhelmed and so upset because I had taken a puppy and was in a mess where I didn't know what to do. Luckily, my husband was extremely supportive and helped me along the way.

    A lot of people really do not understand what it is like to have a puppy at 8 weeks. At 2 to 6 months, you are waking up in the middle of the night to let the dog go for a pee/pooh. You are playing with them for hours, you are trying to feed them, you are training them. All of this becomes stressful because you do not have time for yourself anymore. A lot of people do not understand this, including myself. I was oblivious to it. I learned the hard way.

    I am hoping that my experience with my new Shiba puppy will be better (again, I do have support from my husband and I understand puppy routine) and I ask those that if they are overwhelmed, take a step back and ask help from family, friends and loved ones. You need that support.

    I will also say that when my dog aged and I got use to things, it did become better. My cat finally calmed down, and now they are perfect together. So it is worth it the long run to work at it because you will be happier to have a dog in your life.

    Here is an article about what it means to raise a puppy and the challenges from someone who also had "puppy blues":
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    @poltergeist - There are several threads on the forum regarding this... Unfortunately, this happens a lot with unprepared new Shiba owners. Here are a few threads that you can read through.

    If you have questions or want to post your personal experiences, feel free to utilize an existing thread. However, hopefully your previous puppy experience and your research on Shibas will allow you to enjoy puppyhood this time! :)
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