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How and When do you train your new puppy?
  • Hi everyone,

    I've got Akuma 4 days ago, 9- weeks old, he's settling very well, knows where to go potty and will follow me around whenever I go.
    He slept through the night for the first time last night :D

    Next step I guess is to start obedience training. Now he will come to me whenever I squatted down and called out his name, which I found it's pretty amazing. I've enrolled him into puppy school, starts next week. And actually I have been trying to teach him sit in the past few days but just can't get his attention. Is he too young to pay attention? I read somewhere in the forum saying 9 weeks olds are still baby therefore lack of attention span. In that case is there any tips?

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    @sakurasaki - Remember to search the forum for existing threads before posting a new one. This exact question has been addressed on the forum multiple times. Here is a thread to get you started:

    If after reading through the existing threads, you still have questions or want to comment, feel free to pick the most relevant thread and post there.

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