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Your Shiba's Weekly Schedule of Activities
  • NahatalieNahatalie
    Posts: 363
    (I hope there's not a thread too similar but please free to move this post across if there is...I couldn't find anything).

    I was wondering, what do you do with your Shibas in a typical week? What's their routine like? I ask as I'm interested in seeing if there are any ideas out there I incorporate into Oki's routine that I hadn't thought of as I always try to keeps things varied for him.

    For example, this is what Oki gets up to in a typical week:

    Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri:
    15 minute walk at 6am, playtime / cuddles (often back to bed lazy dog!) for an hour, the we go to work. Puppy sitter comes in around midday to play for an hour. I get home around 4pm, we have a play / romp in the garden for 20-30 minutes then he goes for about a 45 minute walk in a park which I vary. Thursday is also puppy class 7-8. Evenings involve bouts of play, going in and out of the garden, chewing a chew toy / treat and is conked out by about 9pm, then crated for the night at 10pm.

    Weds (my day off):
    15 min walk at 6 am, play time for an hour, crated for an hour while I do the food shop, then mostly sleeps until about 1pm. I take him for a 45-60 minute stroll somewhere (always different from the day before). Or, I go and see my mum for the afternoon and we walk the dogs and have a cup of tea at hers then I leave before Oki annoys the pants off her dog! He mostly potters about and runs in the garden for the afternoon, often napping.

    Much the same as Wednesday minus the shopping; sometimes go to friends / family with him.

    15 min walk 8am. Puppy agility 10:30-11:30, rest much the same as Sat.

    Then every 6/7 weeks or so I get a whole week or two off to spend every day like a Saturday as written above. Writing this has just made me realise, my life revolves around the dog now, and I love it!

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  • JoyceJoyce
    Posts: 28
    My life also revolves around my dogs. We walk every morning on a bike/walking trail. I really can't say walk because most of the time is spent exploring and hunting for rabbits or other little critters on the trail. I'm retired and am home during the day. Since I got my second Shiba we also walk in the afternoon. He is much older, but a lot more active. Since both of mine are older, I don't crate them. I take them to doggy day camp occasionally for socialization. When I first got my second dog (both of them are rescues) I did separate them when I was gone, but I am able to leave them loose in the house when I go to the gym, shopping or just getting out. Usually when I come home they are both on the couch. I don't leave them for long periods of time. And when the weather is nice we make a quick trip to a local park or for a day trip we go to the ocean.
    Next week Mieko is going to have surgery, so I'm sure my schedule will change. Life is much more fun with a dog or I should say two dogs.
  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
    Posts: 182
    My shiba just turned three months old, and we’ve had him for about three weeks. His routine is pretty consistent (except on weekends I sleep in until about 7 AM instead of 5:45 am). He wakes up and stretches, and immediately we go on a walk for 1-2 miles (from about 6-6:45 AM). I take this time to really let him explore—we live across from the ski hill, so we go on a nearby trail at the base of the mountain and he loves it! There are less cars in the morning, so he’s more apt to explore if we walk on a dirt road nearby.
    He goes on a walk for about 45 minutes at lunch time and we cover about 1-1.5 miles. It’s a great time for him to meet other dogs and learn how to walk on a leash while there is more traffic .

    He will spend the second half of the day with my family (parents) or his dad (my husband) in the afternoons to minimize his crate time. My husband works overnights, so on the days he is home during the week he’ll have him for the whole day. He’s out more during this time and able to play—we take him out for short potty breaks every hour or so. I’ve had him with me the full day in the car at work two times now, and he goes out for a 10 minute break every two hours (his “aunties” help me with this). So when he’s crated the whole day he has three walks and four potty breaks.

    At 4 PM (immediately after I get home from work) I feed Yuki dinner, and then we go on a walk right away, so he can get his ya-yas out before the night time. We walk for about an hour, or 1.5-2 miles. Yuki has a one hour long puppy class on Friday nights, so after his dinner and late afternoon walk we immediately go to class to learn good social skills (since he has already mastered the commands we’re working on in puppy kindergarten).
    Over the weekends we maintain the same level of physical activity but will spice it up with walking in new places so he’s comfortable in all types of surroundings.

    When my husband and I lay down in bed, Yuki lays by the bed and falls asleep or goes to his crate (between 9:30-10 PM). I’ll wait about 20 minutes and then put him in his kennel, and he’ll sleep until 5:45 AM the next morning. He has woken up only once at 4 am to go outside. Thank the LORD he sleeps through the night.

    Is Oki a puppy? If your dog’s energy seems regulated you’re doing fine. My puppy is HIGH energy, and so I upped his exercise a bit. You may consider taking him on longer walks in the morning as he gets older (if he is a puppy). It’s a great time to explore because there isn’t as much stimulus around.
  • My 6 month old males schedule as described by him:

    5:00 am: wake up the human to play fetch. Human not amused. Human places me on my doggy bed with chew toy.
    5:45 am: lazy human wakes up and brushes his teeth while I watch.
    5:50 am: human capitulates and plays fetch for ten minutes.
    6:00 am: human opens magic bucket and gives me food. While I eat human disappears into his water chamber of death (a shower). I do not approve.
    6:20: human tricks me into my harness and we go outside. On the way I meet my friends who all say I am cute and fun. Silly humans.
    7:00: human brings me inside for more play.
    7:30: human has made me tired so I nap while he eats. Human does not share his food. Human sucks.
    8:00: I am awake and ready!! Human brings me back outside. Now all of my neighborhood friends are awake. We play and explore and hang out.
    8:45: human puts me in crate while he disappears.
    11:00: humans friend takes me around the block to pee
    11:20: back in crate.
    1:00: the dog trainer comes and takes me on an adventure. I play with my friends (young and old dogs. Never the same friends twice in a row. We take trips to store, the park, walks on the boardwalk and hang out.)
    3:30: back in crate.
    6:00: my human is home!!!
    6:30: he goes back to the magic bucket.
    7:00: SURPRISE!! Sometimes we walk. Sometimes we go to the park and run. Sometimes I pee and demand we go back in. Human has not figured out my choices. Human not smarter than shiba dog!
    8:30: return home. Human makes me perform old tricks or learn new ones. It's fun for a while. Then we play fetch.
    10:00 final walk.
    10:45 human says "good night" I choose where to sleep. Sometimes I crate myself. Sometimes I sleep on floor. Sometimes in dog bed.

    That's Monday - Friday.

    Saturday: human has no schedule. At 9:00 we go to my favorite place:the vet!! Human has me get in scale gives me treats and we go to my second favorite place: puppy academy!

    10-11: open play with other puppies!!

    11-1230: puppy kindergarten. Human has taught me all te tricks. Other dogs not shiba smart so I watch with amusement as they struggle with simple things. Human encourages other dogs and wants them to be shiba smart too. I don't know why.
    1-2 open play!

    Sleeps all day rest of Saturday.

    Sunday is a mix between weekdays and Saturdays (short walks an lots of sleep)

  • NahatalieNahatalie
    Posts: 363
    Oki is 5 months old now. His afternoon walks are now 60 minutes but he still doesn't like the short morning ones, goes straight back to bed! He gets a good midday play for an hour and we entertain him all evening. I expect this from a day when we've both been at work. When I've been at home on my day off, my activity around the house disturbs the time he normally sleeps so he is much more mellow on these days. It's all mostly me spending time with the dog as I'm at home much longer as my husband has to commute to London for work which takes up a total of 3 hours of his day.

    My husband has said that when the dog is old enough, he'd like to go for a morning jog instead of walk. That'd probably get rid of a bit more energy.
  • devonmlewisdevonmlewis
    Posts: 182
    @nahatalie there is nothing about me that is a marathon runner, but I've been discouraged from jogging with my shiba, because of the patellas. I think every once in awhile shouldn't hurt things, but something to think about!
  • JuniJuni
    Posts: 1269
    @nahatalie if you struggle to take Oki out to walk in the mornings I wonder if you actually manage to make him jog....
  • NahatalieNahatalie
    Posts: 363
    Well we thought as an adult he might be less tired in the morning (someone he encountered on a walk said her dog was the same as a puppy but suddenly one day got excited about the morning walk), but I really don't think hubby will be bothered to do this jogging anyway...he's not exactly the jogging type! It suprised me when he said it really.

    We wouldn't force him to do something like that if he didn't want to, and I see your point about the patellas; I hadn't though of that. It was a way off anyway and I hadn't gotten around to researching (I look up EVERYTHING! From every slight behaviour to activities to health quesions...I don't always get an exact answer but I feel at least I tried!)
  • try to take Kiki on bicycle run. She is getting better at it. She loves to run hard, but the bike still intimidates her a bit, so she lags behind and mostly trots. Where my Golden Retriever I have to hold back because he runs too hard and I have to throttle him back. Still new to the Shiba. She wants to go - but not quite sure when we get there. Otherwise - playing in back yard and walks - trip to local Bark Park and weekends at Dog Beach for many friends and ocean swimming. once a month Kiki gets to go to my hunting club where she herds ducks around the small lake until she is exhausted. Still hasn't caught a duck !. Can't do this now because of rattlesnake season.
  • RuushiiRuushii
    Posts: 12
    Rushi seems very self regulating but I try my best to keep a schedule.
    5:30-6:00 wake up and lounge around in living room with her people
    6:30 starting to get more energy, but time to go potty first
    6:45~~ give her yummy breakfast
    7:00 tike to chomp down on my humans until they acknowledge me and play
    8:00 brushing, teeth brushing and nail clipping if needed. Sure hates have her teeth messed with.
    8:30 sleeps again until about 10
    10:00 starts to wake up again so let's go potty
    Most of the day after this is pretty unorganized at the moment. I designate at least a few times a day to work on commands and leash training. Shes getting pretty old not to be leash trained but it's been very difficult. When she wants to do what she wants commands and treats mean nothing to her. Strong willed and lots of Shiba pride I assume.

    Her bed time is around 8pm to 9pm which works great for me.
  • niki82niki82
    Posts: 434
    Hi @rushii.
    When my girl came home to me she had only ever had a lead on once she was almost 12 weeks when I got her because she had suffered from a bad virus and needed an extra couple of weeks to get better. Sora had already had her first 2 vaccinations but wasn't old enough for her third so I would only take her to the toilet in my tiny street. To do this it was better she had a lead on so every time she went out to the toilet I clipped her lead on and would just sort of follow her around the street lightly moving her in the other direction if she tried to wander out of the immediate area. Once she had her 3rd shot and could go on proper walks she was used to the lead. It really is best to get a puppy used to a lead very early.
  • spacedogsspacedogs
    Posts: 361
    Our "schedule" as much as we keep it reliable for the pups:

    Sometime between 5:30-7:30 am Laika jumps on the bed to wake us up and tell us to let Rhyz out to poop. Rhyz goes out to poop and then (if it's before 7 am) we all go back to sleep for a bit.

    Around 7:30 am - Dogs go out in the yard for its morning inspection while I make some coffee.

    Around 8:00 am - Dogs come in and have their breakfast with fish oil. They get some playtime together for the next two hours or so.

    From around 10:30 am till just after noon - the dogs have a solid nap, usually around 2 hours long.

    After lunch for about an hour I do some structured training, reinforcing things they already know and introducing new concepts.

    Just after 1 pm to around 4pm - They'll sleep a good chunk of this time, with some wakefulness and independent play.

    4 pm'ish till 6 pm'ish - mostly independent play in the yard

    6 pm'ish - pre dinner walks if the weather isn't stinking hot, dinner time if the weather is stinking hot. If the weather is gross we'll do dinner around 6:30 and go for a walk closer to sunset.

    Evenings are independent and interactive play, not much training except for Mondays for Rhys (puppy school) and Thursdays for Laika (radical recall class to improve her recall skills).

    Pre-bed ritual, between 10 and 11 pm - a small dish of frozen fruit, usually blueberries, with a spoonful of kefir. Shortly thereafter they put their harnesses on and go out for their pre-bed bathroom business. When they come in we sit on the kitchen floor with them for a bit and practice some basic training things, and this is usually where we sneak in learning silly things that aren't all that important (like "boop" (touching their nose to ours) and "high five" (self explanatory) and "rrruumph" (a very very quiet little bark) and "belly" (they roll over and show us their bellies). Every few days we sneak in touching all their paw pads and extending their claws to emulate clipping, we prepare them for it by telling them we're going to "touch all their beans" and they seem to find the warning comforting, knowing that a reward will follow the process.

    After this we give them time to wind down, and once they're comfortably ready (after about 30 minutes) we say "bedtime" and they go upstairs to our room and go sleep on their dog beds.

    On Saturday afternoons we go to a puppy & small dog social, which both dogs enjoy for different reasons (Laika loves the dogs, Rhyz loves the dog owners).

    It's worth noting that we have a very large fenced yard with gardens, trees, and lots of different areas to keep the dogs happy and stimulated (so long as they are together), as well as tons of room to let loose and really rip around, as well as lots of toys to play with both together and separately. They have free access to the yard from the time we get up until dark (around 9:30-10 pm), after which neither of them care to go out in the yard without one of us with them because it's big and dark and just toooooo spoooky for them. :D

    Aside from that we're both home all the time (remote work), so we're able to spend a lot of time throughout the day out in the yard and around the house with them. They've never actually been left alone yet, they are either with us or with my son or step-dad.

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