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Moving & Injury Anxiety!?!
  • Hello,

    We have a beautiful 9mo red Shiba male and he has been acting crazy over the last several weeks. In our house we have been going through a TON of change (ACL surgery 2/5, wife is days away from birth and we moved into a new house). I have read some threads and called my breeder and was advised this shall pass, but is there ANYTHING i can do to make this process easier for Yoshi? He cries quite a bit and only recently is his tail curled instead of running around the house scared and frantic. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!
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  • Thanks for your response!

    I myself had ACL surgery and I did call my vet and all they recommended was give him a few weeks to adapt. Yoshi definitely shakes, paces and whimpers. An hour ago, I ended up researching Thundershirts and purchased one since he is young and will likely need in the future with the new baby coming in addition to all the recent change.

    When did you notice your boys adolescent fear stage end? Any tips to socialize major change?
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  • Wow that’s a lot for many dogs to take in in a short time frame. It always helps to pre-plan for big life events so dogs can take it in one step at a time. You might be best consulting a behaviorist for some assessment and tips for your particular case. Most likely behavior modification will need to be layered to take the edge off and prevent anxiety from becoming permanant. It is difficult for anyone from a mere forum to clearly address specifics without observing your dog and the current environment.

    I would try getting him comfortable with a smaller area first with familiar odors (blanket toys, and bed) rather than giving run of the whole house for awhile. Also keeping up with routines and providing a fair amount of exercise is a good idea. Bring in a dog walker if you can, or see if a reliable doggie day care can be of help. A decent place will help with behavior issues too.

    Below are some worthy resources to help you out. A baby will be a big big change so be sure to take a look at the online links to help yourself out.

    DAP is a good suggestion. Keep in mind the thunder shirt is only to be used for 20 minutes at a time (say during the time of passing thunderstorm) no longer to be truly effective.

    Good Luck


    Wild, N. (2006). Help for your Fearful Dog: A Step by Step Guide to help your dog Conquer his fears. (this may be on DVD now, not sure)

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    Pilar, C. (Blog) Living with kids and dogs without losing your mind.

    Pilar, C. (Book)

    Yin, S. (Blog)

    Shryock J. (blog) -
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  • Thanks everyone for the feedback. Great recommendations and I appreciate the responses. We have noticed he is doing much better in spurts and we will implmenet your suggestions and report back on the progress.

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