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Senior Male Buster in RI
  • Hello,
    Is the Cranston, RI animal shelter a kill shelter? There is a senior male, Buster, listed. He is 12. I was just wondering if any shiba rescues were aware of this guy. I could transport him. We could even foster him (temporarily - I have a dominant senior male and an old cat, so he would mostly have to be crated while here).
  • I contacted NYC Shiba Rescue about Buster. They thought he had been pulled, but he is still at the shelter. They will follow up with the shelter.
  • Thank you! I received an email back from the shelter. They said they are trying to work with his owners that gave him up (it was a separation and both got non-dog apartments but one is trying to find a new place). They said they are holding him for now, but I gave them the links to the shiba rescues in case that does not work out.