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Arrgh...first poo in the house
  • Ok...we were doing so well...only 5 pee accidents (mostly my fault) on carpet only....and ALL were caught in the act and Bo was taken outside immediately to finish. And Bo pees 7-8 times a day. We have had NO accidents with him pooing in the house. We KNOW he poo's twice in the morning and once in the evening with two of them right after eating. wife went downstairs and accidently left the basement door open (there is carpet down there). I had just let him out and he had peed say 15 minutes poo. Well...I go downstairs and notice the basement door open and that Bo is not in the kitchen, where he normally spends the majority of his day, I go downstairs and sure enough I find Bo sniffing his pile of poo right on the carpet.

    Now I did not catch him in the act so...I calmly went over to him...picked him up and brought him upstairs. No scolding, no comments, no anger (except at my wife...LOL). My question is if I handled this correctly? Should I have scolded him...would that have been better so he knows what he did was incorrect or would that have done more harm than good?

    I DO NOT WANT him learning that it is OK to go anywhere in the house....only outside...there are no puppy places anywhere in the house I want him eliminating himself...thus my concern over my reaction. It is just that what I have read so far has stated that unless you catch him in the act....their ability to associate that scolding with what they did just isn't there. Is that correct???
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    Here is the existing thread that you may ask this question in. I am going to close this thread and direct you here:
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