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Panko's Day at the Dog Park
  • HA! This is kind of neat.

    Panko's day at a 25 Acre Dog Park on Sunday, 2/9/14. I have an app on my iPhone that basically tracks your "run". I used it yesterday to track where I walked at the dog park trying to keep up with him...just out of curiosity.

    We were out for 3 HOURS! It was around -5F with probably -15 to -20 Windchill. Needless to say I was bundled up. I put a healthy coating of Musher's Secret on Panko's feet and he was good to go. He ran and ran and played and played. I ended up walking 4.8 miles but I'm sure Panko did a lot more than that because he was running all over the place. Snow was pretty deep in places and he would tunnel through it. It was pretty fun watching him enjoy the winter wonderland.

    Panko's day at a 25 acre dog park. I walked 4.8 miles but I'm sure he did much more than that.
  • Nice..very long walk
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  • Longest "walk" I took Panko on was a 8 mile hike along the Superior Hiking trial in Northern Minnesota. He had a backpack and everything. I didn't think he would make it but he was a champ. Both of us were definitley "poop-ed" by the time we got back to camp.
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  • LuvourSiLuvourSi
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    That's great @LemonChicken. I wish I had something like that near me. Btw my mother in law gave me some Panko bread crumbs and I had to smile when it make me think of your Panko lol
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    Neat app!

    Sounds like you had a great day! Makes it easier to forget about the minus temps and wind chills!!
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  • Btw my mother in law gave me some Panko bread crumbs and I had to smile when it make me think of your Panko lol

    @LuvourSi - Panko appreciates that he is in your thoughts. :-)
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Good idea, going to have to search for some apps so I can track Kira's hikes and walks. I have a Windows phone so my app store is miniscule, unfortunately. But the camera is bad ass!
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