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Looking to Rescue a Second Shiba
  • JoyceJoyce
    Posts: 28
    I'm not sure where to post this - so let me know if this is in the wrong place. I am looking for a second shiba to be a companion to my 3 year old rescue female. I have fostered and she did quite well with the foster. I would prefer a male that is near her age. She goes to doggy day camp for socialization and does quite well with other dogs. Mieko is very shy and somewhat fearful. It appears she was not socialized when she was younger. She came from a kennel/breeder. I think having a canine companion would help her.

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  • Where are you located? That might help people. I do know some people how are trying to rehome some Shibas, but they are trying to rehome the two together, and they are in NM.

    Also, have you checked with local rescues?
  • JoyceJoyce
    Posts: 28
    I am located in Olympia, Washington. I have checked with the local shiba rescue in both Washington and Oregon and have adoption applications filed with them. I also check the local Humane Society. I am willing to travel to pick up a shiba.
  • There are also some Finnish Lapphunds who need rescue. The discussion is over on the Nihon Ken side. Most of these little rescues needed to be shaved down, so they are not their normal fluffy selves. Here is the link:

    Two Shibas at the Northern NV Shiba Rescue (one a cream male):
  • JoyceJoyce
    Posts: 28
    Thanks for the information. I will follow up.
  • JoyceJoyce
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    I found another shiba through Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. It also was from the Yelm kennel and was in the group of the last rescue. The people who adopted it had allergies and decided it should be rehomed. He is a 7 year old male and I jumped at the chance to get a companion for Mieko. So far they are doing very well together. He is a cuddly sesame and enjoys his walk on the bike trail with Mieko. He also loves the couch, so they two are negotiating (in doggy fashion) one which end belongs to who. I get the middle so far.


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  • JoyceJoyce
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    I'm still having issues with pictures. Sorry
  • Yay! And I could see your pic when I clicked on it! So glad you were able to get him!

    Start a life story thread for him--we'd love to see more pics, hear more of his story and Meiko's story!
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Sumo was my favorite boy from that rescue, and I would have snapped him up if I hadn't puppies at the time. I love his sesame and it seems fitting that he is back with one his lifelong doggy friends again. It was meant to be!
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  • SayaSaya
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    Love the pic. :) Nice and fluffy.
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  • jennjenn
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    Oh yay, I'm glad Sumo went to you. He was such a sweet boy when we were grooming him! Glad he is fitting in well with Mieko. :)
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  • JoyceJoyce
    Posts: 28
    He is a total love. Very cuddly and always greets me with a happy tail wag when I come home. He also is blowing his coat and he has a lot of fur. I've never had such a big mess. He looks like a patchwork quilt. He's pretty patient with combing and when he starts complaining I stop. I can always work on it later.
    I've only had him since Friday, but it is amazing the difference in Mieko. She is getting braver and more outgoing. And they play together and they both sit on the couch at opposite ends.
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