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FORCING my dog to be friends with another...
  • So I have a 5 month old Shiba who drives me nuts. I know he is smart, I taught him "paw" yesterday in about 5 minutes. He still remembered it this morning. Whether or not he wants to listen is a whole other story.

    My good friend lives down the street from me (I live in an apartment building, he lives in a townhouse) and he day trades so he walks Banjo for me while I slave away to buy the brat toys and food. My buddy has a female english bulldog puppy about Banjo's age (maybe a month younger?). It would be VERY helpful to both of us if they got along. Problem is, if I bring him there, he gets a little rough with her. He can (and does) fit her whole head in his mouth, when she "submits" to her belly-up position he doesn't back off and let the game restart, sometimes he bites at her legs, and he can actually put her in his mouth and shake her around like one of his stuffed toys. He is MUCH bigger than her (he is basically full sized at 5 months. She is a small little puppy)

    I have NEVER once heard a distress cry from her, though there is the occasional growling.

    I've since stopped bringing him over unless she is on the leash and they are separated. We've tried the "Walk them together outside" thing and they won't ignore each other.

    1) How do I know they are playing and not fighting?

    2) He accepts correction from older more mature dogs, but never from a "kid his own age". Is this normal?

    3) How do I make them be friends? Keep walking them together outside? How long would you expect this to take?

    Like I said, its important they get along and view each other as packmates because I will need to drop him off there occasionally and vice-versa. My friend and I thought having two puppy playmates would make our lives easier, not harder.

    Any advice is appreciated on how to get two dogs to get along from two different households who know the other's handlers to get along and look at each other as family who lives in another house.

    Thanks for your time and help. I find this forum very useful and the people friendly!

  • BootzBootz
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    I think you need to spend some time reading through the threads on this forum. There are a LOT of threads that address your concerns as it is common with new shiba puppy owners. You can always bump those threads if you have additional questions since they are of the same topic.

    Follow topic regarding play style.


    This forum is like a book. But if you invest the time :) There are many useful threads that will answer all your worries and give you tips on how to handle certain issues.

    Good luck.
  • ArcticArctic
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    As @bootz said, please look for other threads. I'd recommend you read the "Shiba Play" thread. This is purely a guess, but I'd say there is a good chance your dog really is just playing. Shibas play rough and it can worry new owners or owners of other dogs. The important thing is to read up and learn to read your dog's body language and behavior so that you can recognize the difference.
  • From the "Is my dog RUDE?! Argh" thread, currently on the front page:

    @shibamistress: "In puppy class, we watch rough play and separate the dogs if they are too worked up, but we do it like this: hold back both pups for a moment, and if the "underdog" rushes back to play, we know the play was ok for both. If it runs away, it was too much."
  • sunyatasunyata
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