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I guess I am a bad parent =(
  • So my little guy gets crated during the day (in the crate around 8:30-9, gets a walk/playtime from a friend of mine at 12, and again at 4. I am home by 6:15). All was well until I went to the vet. they prescribed prednisone and he peed in the crate (about two weeks ago. He was immediately taken off the drug, I told the vet he was a moron and his staff lied about the effects of the drug and I found a new vet who he LOVES going to. If we drive past and don't stop, I hear shiba screams. I now bring him there for ear cleanings. He won't let me do it, but the vet techs say he is good with them and their favorite puppy since he puts up zero resistance and once he's done just face licks them). Since then, going in the crate has become an issue, but I've fixed it with bully-sticks if he is in the crate. Now, he reluctantly goes. I completely replaced the bedding in his crate, and soaked the plastic liner at the bottom in natures miracle.

    So, occasionally, my little guy is stinky when I get home. He is playful, and happy, etc. but stinky. (I even sing him a song about being stinky. It goes "He's my stinky little stinker, he's so stinky and he smells. He's my stinky little stinker.. He's so stinky stinky stink") Its playful and he actually likes the song. When I sing it, he runs to the treat drawer (and unless he sits, stays, waits, lays down, and cycles through his tricks he doesn't get anything)

    Since his prednisone accident, I started letting him sleep on the floor in my bedroom in his bed with the crate open on floor next to the bed. Sometimes he moves from his bed to under the night table or on the rug or half in the crate, but generally speaking he sleeps or is quietly chewing on a stuffingless toy, an empty kong (ironically he doesn't like the kong when it has food in it... just when it's empty), or deer antlers.

    Well this morning, at 4 am (about 2 hours before he usually wakes up) he was going a little bonkers. I ignored it because I thought he was being bratty. at about 4:30 he was giving me the "Daddy I gotta pee" signs so I started to get ready to leave and he had an accident on the bathroom rug (first accident since the prednisone and only the second since his first week at my place). Now I am at fault here for not picking up the signs earlier. But when I was cleaning up his pee, I realized the smell was the same as when I sing his song!!

    The crate never looks wet and doesn't smell. There are no stains on the bedding. Have I been torturing my poor dog inadvertently by putting him in the crate after peeing in it? How do I find out?

    Any thoughts or has anyone experienced this?

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    @BanjoTheBetaDog - There are TONS of threads on the forum regarding crate training and potty training. Most of them are in the "Common Puppy Woes" category (where I moved this thread to). Feel free to browse through there for answers to this very common question.

    In the meantime, I am going to close this thread, but if you have further questions after reading through the existing threads, feel free to comment in the most relevant one. By using existing threads, you help keep information contained in one area and help keep the forum neater. That in turn, makes information easier to find for the next person to have a similar issue. :)
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