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Sadly, giving away my shiba in the Seattle, WA area
  • long story short my boyfriend and I got a shiba, and we broke up a year later. I moved back to Florida and I could not take her with me and he can't take care of her and show her the attention and love that she deserves. I am very sad about this, that's why I am reaching out to my fellow shiba lovers. Does anyone know of a good home she can go to? Her birth day is May 12th 2012 so she is just shy of 2 years old. She is cream and weighs 16 pounds. She is potty trained, loves other dogs, people and great with young kids. She is very playful and well behaved. I don't want to sell her I just want her to go to a good home and to know she will be in great hands. We are willing to do a slow adoption to make sure she fits in well with your family.


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  • BootzBootz
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    I think one of the admins can chime in later.
    Best if you contact SIRA
  • Thank you so much! i will contact Sira
  • You said you got her from a caring breeder in Minnesota. If your breeder was an ethical one there should be a clause in their contract that they get the dog back first and need to be informed first of any rehoming plans.
  • im not sure how she would get to Minnesota. I would rather her have a good home in Washington then to hand her back to the breeder and not know what she will do with her, she would try and resell or anything.
  • BootzBootz
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    The breeders usually take their Shibas back to make sure they get adopted by a loving home (thats assuming if your breeder is an ethical one).
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  • jennjenn
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    If your breeder cannot take her I highly recommend contacting Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. They recently placed 15 adult and senior Shibas, so they're well-versed in the breed.
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  • I don't know if she is or not, I am assuming she is but I would rather not put Lulu on a plane to Minnesota when I could possibly find someone in the Seattle area that would give her a great home. She was a nice women and she took great care of her dogs but I would feel more comfortable finding a home myself.
  • Do check your contract though. A good breeder may REQUIRE you to return the dog, or at least contact them so they can make sure the dog is going to a good home. I understand you want to find someone in the Seattle area, and this may work out quite well, but remember a contract is just that, and if you have a return clause in your contract you must honor that.

    And yes, please contact the Shiba rescue and other rescue groups too. You can, and should, do this at the same time you're looking for local homes and contacting your breeder.
  • @lulutheminishiba, I'm located in Minnesota. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know! She is so, so adorable. How sad that she has to go....
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  • You wrote in Oct 2012 that you thought your Shiba may go into heat. Have you gotten her fixed since then? You must be super careful placing unspayed dogs, as unscrupulous breeders would love to have a mame shiba for the puppy mills.

    Your breeder had puppies on hand when you contacted her the first time. Top notch breeders usually have waiting lists, so your breeder may not have a puppy return clause in the contract (if there was a contract.)

    I agree with the others, SIRA is likely the safest way to rehome your pet. Good luck!
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  • Thank you all for your support. She is spayed so I don't have to worry about that. I contacted my breeder and she said she would be more than happy to take her and find her a home but I am also allowed to look for good homes in the Seattle area. I explained the situation in greater detail and she trusts me to find a good home for my dear lulu. I have a good family friend that I contacted and they are interested in adopting which would work out great because Lulu has stayed with them before and they have a lot of love for her. I will know in a few days if they are going to adopt her or not. I really appreciate the kindness everyone has showed me on this forum.
  • amtiamti
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    Good luck. I know it is a very difficult thing to do. Glad you have Lulu's best interest at heart.
  • curlytailscurlytails
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    Just to clarify, she is currently with your ex in Seattle, while you are in Florida?

    It would be great if the adoption goes through. I would just make one suggestion: no matter who you adopt her to, even if it's a family friend, make sure they commit to notifying you and/or their local Shiba rescue (give them specific contact info) if for some reason she ever needed to be rehomed again.

    Good luck with the rehoming. I hope a best resolution can be found for all of you.
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    Thank you for talking with me tonight. Please call me Saturday to let me know what decision you made.
  • my good friend is going to take her and they are going to be permanent parents for her so I do not have to worry about her being adopted again. their 8 year old daughter is very excited and they have kept lulu over night a few times before so I know she will do great with them. thank you everyone for the help. I do not know how to delete this post so if an administrator could do it for me that would be great. thanks.
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    @lulutheminishiba - We do not delete threads, but I will go ahead and close it for you.

    I am glad that things worked out well for the dog.
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