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SIRA Looking for a foster home for sweet red male - Kitsune
  • SIRA foster, Kitsune, is in desperate need of a new foster or adoptive home ASAP. He is going between boarding and temporary foster home right now and is getting stressed with the lack of stability. He needs a shiba savvy person, No young children, no cats or other small animals, but plays well with other dogs as long as there is no food around. He is located in the Chicagoland area in Illinois. For more information on becoming a foster parent:

    For more information on adopting:

    Please email if you can help this boy.

    photo Kitsune_zps9d856fcc.jpg

    As you can see from the second photo, he loves the snow! :-) When everyone else needs booties to stand going potty, this goofball is still tunneling and rolling in the snow, forget the boots!

    photo Kitsuneinthesnow_zps02aedb88.jpg
  • BootzBootz
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    I think you should put this all in one thread. Easier for people to look at the potential fosters in one place, instead of searching for the different threads.

    :( I want to foster but no where close!
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @dhelsing - I agree. Perhaps we could put all of the SIRA requests for fosters in one place? I do think that it will help people that are looking to adopt/foster if they can check out what is available all in one spot.

    I am going to go ahead and close this thread, but please repost this in the thread you started earlier about the puppy mill raid.
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