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What do you do to correct a silly puppy?
  • NahatalieNahatalie
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    I couldn't quite find what I was looking for so...

    I was wondering what everyone did when their dog was still learning house rules to correct them, and what you'd do in the situation below. I was also wondering if anyone could shed some light on why he does certain things:

    When Oki is at his most active, he tends to do things we don't want him to do. Stuff like jumping on the sofa, trying to get under the TV unit or biting the curtain. Usually he's fine being redirected. That's not a problem, he's still a puppy and just needs the energy draining! (Cant wait until he can finally go for walkies, hope that helps!) The one thing he needs to be physically pulled away from is when he has a few minutes of obsessively trying to get behind the sofa. Recall with toy or treat on offer often doesn't work, so we have to pull him away. He then makes a really snappy yappy sound and snaps his head back to bite, but doesn't actually press down, then repeatedly tries to headbutt through us if we body block the area whilst trying to distract him. He gets all silly and excited. Does he think it's turned into a game? When it escalates to the point where he's just not responsive at all and starts jumping up and mouthing (never hard) manically, we pop him in his pen for a time out.

    I guess what I'm asking is, is this normal, are we doing the right thing, is there any way of handling the situation? Most of the time he's lovely. This is my first puppy so I'm never sure what bits are normal and what bits need concern!
  • NahatalieNahatalie
    Posts: 363
    Apologies, I just saw another thread on the recent threads list which is similar. It did not come up on the search I did though. (I don't know if it's an issue anyone else has, but if I've got a question I always search for a similar thread and rarely do I find what I'm looking for so I go ahead and post a question. For example, the other day I typed in Oki (must have said it enough on here!) To try and find the thread as it'd fallen a few pages back, so I could add some photos, and it found absolutely nothing! Oki was the title of the thread too. I wondered why that is? Not having a go about the search function, I was wondering what I need to do really...)
  • zandramezandrame
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    I'm glad you found a thread that is helpful already! The "Common Puppy Woes" section has quite a few.

    When looking for your own threads, click on your username and it will show your profile and posts.

    That being said, I agree that the search function is not working properly. I went to the advanced page and searched for "shiba," clearly something that comes up often! The most recent are from March 2013. My theory is the plugin hasn't been indexing new posts since then.[]=titles&Checkboxes[]=WithReplies&match=Any&Checkboxes[]=child&tag=&date=All&or=MostRecent&mem=&res=Classic&pg=p1
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