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14week puppy going under the bed
  • tortibtortib
    Posts: 5
    Greetings Shiba owners!

    I'm having some troubles with my Shiba Sushi. If I let her out of her crate (the crate is located in my room to help her feel part of the pact since I spend most of my time in there) she will go directly under the bed and sit under there until I flush her out. The only time she doesn't go under the bed is when it's time to take her outside so she can eliminate. I have tried to train her to make her think her crate is apart of her den by placing treats into the crate and luring her in there. I've also placed her food dish in the crate to see if that helps but nothing is helping. I need some advice if anyone has anything to offer. How can I get her to stop going under the bed? Thank you for your suggestions!
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
    Posts: 259
    That's tough, we had some similar problems with Kiba. When he was really small he kept hiding under the ottoman for the couch which became a problem because he started chewing up the lining underneath it. First I tried covering the bottom of it with a cardboard sheet but it fell a couple of times and he chewed on that instead, then we just took the feet off so he couldnt get under it.

    He does go under the bed sometimes and its hard to coax him out, but maybe you could try something similar as far as blocking her from getting in- I've stored some boxes under there. When we wanted to block access to certain other spots I used the cardboard again and it worked better (such as taping a piece across the bottom of a dresser by attaching tape to the legs- there were training weights stored under there). It was a temporary fix, but it did the trick until we moved some things around.

    You could also try spraying some bitter apple under there so its less desirable. I mean it sounds like there's something else going on as far as anxiety or something, and that seems to be a safe space for her, so my suggestions might not be the best solution to really resolve the problem, but maybe if she was 'forced' to stay out of there for a short while because of lack of access you could have a chance to show her that the rest of the space is a good place to be. I dont know... I hope that helps.
  • tortibtortib
    Posts: 5
    Thanks for the tips. I'm not locking her in the room at all, she has plenty of safe space, the whole house really. My door is open and she still runs underneath. Any idea how I can get her to think that her crate is a safe place? I've tried treats and it didn't really help she would just pickup the treat and eat it outside the crate.
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
    Posts: 2482
    Cover the crate with a dark, thick blanket, so there aren't a lot of exposed sides. It will give it the appearance of a den, maybe even that same comforting secluded area that she finds appealing under your bed.

    Edit: I have always kept our crate next to a wall so our Shiba feels more secure while she's in it.
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  • AvehAveh
    Posts: 110
    Ahh yes the hide-under-the-bed phase! Mine did that too during puppyhood up to around 5 months old. They grow out of it overtime as they become more familiar with their surroundings and grow closer to you.
  • tortibtortib
    Posts: 5
    Thanks for the great suggestion Kira_Kira I will be putting a blanket over her crate. Today she's behaving a bit better I blocked the way to the bed and she ended up going inside of her crate all by herself. Still doesn't do it on command though. :(
  • ArcticArctic
    Posts: 513
    I second the "cover the crate" suggestion, which it looks like you did. Besides that, all I have to add is that my pup did the exact same thing. I lived at my mother's house until Sansa was about 7 months old, and the entire time she loved hiding under beds or couches. She stopped doing it so much with time, and I eventually moved to a house that doesn't have many pieces of furniture for her to hide under. She's going to be two years old in May, and she will still go under my roommates' beds every once in a while when given the chance. They seem to love it, for some reason, so it's pretty normal. For what it's worth, my dog loves her crate and goes into it all the time, but she still loves going under the bed occassionally!
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    Saya loves going under my mom's bed it's bit higher than mine so fun hiding spot..

    Best way to stop it is blocking the bed put storage bins or something to block way under the bed.
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  • Kit_Keet_Kit_Keet_
    Posts: 206
    The blanket on the crate thing works well, we also put Kit's between a corner in the wall and a dresser so it was physically surrounded on three sides (although that was largely because she some snapped a weld and wiggled out of her crate as a puppy).

    She also loved going under the bed. Although, for her it was more of a place to hide and do naughty stuff, like chew on things, than any sort of anxiety issue. Once she got to big to really wiggle under there comfortably she quit doing it. I agree with others, unless it's anxiety based it's likely just a phase that she'll grow out of!

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