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Play Pen or Crate?
  • Hi everyone!
    I was wondering I have a 9 week old baby boy Shiba who cries whenever he gets put into his crate only except at night when he's sleepy. Me and my sister are college students and in two weeks we start class again and some of those days we won't be home for as much as 8am-4pm others for a couple hours and then we get home leave out for a little bit and then go to work. So I'm trying to figure out if it would be better to get him a play pen or put him in his crate for that long. I've been working with him today and I left him in his crate for one hour and 30 minutes he cried in the beginning and stop after 10 minutes. i'm scared if hes in the crate for too long he might not pee and might not do his business and also scared he might not eat. The last thing I want to be cruel to the little guy but that might be my only option until he gets his last shot and i can put him outside without being worried. Any idea what I can do? Please help me guys/gals. Thanks

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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    1. 8+ hours is entirely too long for a 9-week old puppy to be left alone with no potty break. There needs to be someone to come back to the house at least once or twice during that time to allow him to relieve himself.

    2. You are better off in the beginning with an appropriately sized crate before graduating to a larger playpen. The limited space is key to training your puppy to not use the bathroom in his living area. If he is exposed to an area that is too large, he may use the bathroom in a section of the playpen. Although, if no one can come home to let him out that might be best. I highly disagree with the puppy not having a break in the middle of the day, though.

    3. If there is a particular day that you absolutely cannot come home, you need to find a dog walker or someone who can give him a break. That puppy is too young to hold it for that long! Ours is almost 7 months old and we STILL come home during lunch to let her out.

    4. Don't leave your dog outside. It's not a good idea. Someone could steal him, he could dig out of the yard, etc. That is bad juju...

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  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    Play pen! Crating all day and again at night is excessive. Young puppies that age need to move around and get exercise, so I prefer a play pen to a crate if there is absolutely no way to get them a potty break, but that won't work for every situation.
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  • NahatalieNahatalie
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    We have both. Our Oki is 12 weeks old now. He is happy to go in his crate at night and makes no complaints. (Though he does have the odd accident because he won't cry to be let out! Only happened 2-3 times, once was our fault because we forgot to take his water up before he went to bed). We also crate him when we're at work or when we need to go out an he does fine in there. When we're at work we have a sitter come and let him out and play with him for an hour. I spoke to the neighbour the other day and she said she's only heard him cry once, and not for long. That was the first day we left with the sitter. It could have also been mistaken for his pee-scream. He likes to announce when he's about to go! Anyway...we also have a play pen for when we can't supervise him (e.g. sometimes I need a toilet break too lol. I don't trust him alone in the lounge yet) And most of the time he's ok with this. I normally plan doing housework around the time he naps in his play pen. He trots off in there by himself normally. We also put him in there when we eat, usually giving him a stuffed kong to entertain him if he's not sleepy. I dont know what id do eithout both!

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