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My brother's mastiff
  • KBBD83KBBD83
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    Don't post much here but I have a situation that could use a little advice. My brother is moving back to TX from KY, and he is stopping at my house overnight tonight to rest before his second leg of travel. He is bringing his 1 yr old INTACT Mastiff and I am very nervous about introducing him to Marshall. I've never met the dog, so Marshall hasn't either, but it was raised in a home with two newborn children and was very good with them. Not sure that makes any difference...

    Marshall isn't very interested in being friends with dogs he doesn't know, especially dogs that are much bigger than he. I just don't want to have to keep him trapped in our bedroom until the morning when we all leave.

    Best way to introduce the two to minimize snark? Would doing it outside and then bringing them both into the house be best? Thank you!!
  • RyanRyan
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    Meet a street or two from your house IMO. Let them get to know each other, go for a walk and then introduce them to the house, ensuring no resources are available to be guarded (food, toys, treats).

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  • SayaSaya
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    This thread might be useful. Saya isn't big fan of giant breeds herself. :\ she hates Giant GSD and malamutes. I mean some of the GSD I seen at the dog park were way bigger than usual GSD I'm used to. Might been a mix or just a big guy, but it was huge. Saya avoided it.
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  • BootzBootz
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    KBBD83 said:


    I just don't want to have to keep him trapped in our bedroom until the morning when we all leave.

    Not sure what you meant by this. But make sure to keep them in separate crates. If not, then separate rooms. Definitely shouldn't leave two dogs together that barely know each other without supervision.

  • Hi again. It's been a super long time since I've seen you post ;-)

    Ryan's suggestion is a good one. You know the usual about items of value. A lot of neutered dogs actually don't like intact dogs so do keep it in mind. You can probably alternate giving one of them roaming rights while keeping the other crated, assuming that your brother's mastiff is crate trained. Good luck!
  • curlytailscurlytails
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    Agreed again about meeting on "neutral" turf -- even further than a street or two from your home if you can. Walk both until they are both fully exhausted and no longer excited about each other or their surroundings. Don't encourage interaction from the outset, but you don't have to actively discourage it either. Let them get accustomed to each other on their own terms.

    Every individual dog is different, but I will offer my experiences: Bowdu (neutered) has actually had quite a few opportunities to interact with intact dogs over the years. He does become more excited around intact dogs, but his response varies according to temperament, not size.

    There are a handful of intact English Mastiffs who come to one of our regular parks. Even encountered a couple Cane Corso, a Bullmastiff, and a Boerboel adolescent before. After an initial, curious sniff (reaching hiiigh up to sniff that curious rear), Bowdu actually gets along with them just fine. I think that's because the mastiffs that locals bring to the park are generally just bulky, low-energy doofs. They can be quite even-tempered and grounded, for their size, regardless of whether or not they're neutered. Indeed, I think accepted health practices for large breed mastiffs is to wait as long as possible to neuter them, if at all...

    Anyway, at one year of age, your brother's mastiff (what kind?) may have a little more energy than what I'm offering as my own arbitrary anecdotes. In my opinion, keeping them separate when unattended, even if they seem to be getting along "fine," is a must. Sequestering him in the bedroom for one night will not harm his psyche, but it may very well keep both them BOTH safe.
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