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My puppy got hurt! (before I got him)
  • coltcolt
    Posts: 36
    Wanted to get everyone's opinions on what I should do. I was supposed to pick up my pup yesterday from the breeder (8 weeks) but they called me the night before and said that while they were out to dinner my puppy's brother had evidently hurt him. He had a bite on his back (didn't go below the skin - but some hair is gone and it was bleeding a little) and he was limping a little. The breeder was very upset and apologetic and told me they wanted to keep him another week to make sure everything's ok.

    What do you do in a situation like this? The breeder has very high marks on here from other members (Marma Farms). Of course the major thing that worries me is the limp - as I know hip injuries in puppies can be very bad. I'm so attached to the little guy - and the breeder was very apologetic. Should I ask them to take him to their vet for a checkup before picking him up? What does everyone think is best to ask for/do in a situation like this.
  • Well, give it a week and go visit as they requested. See how he is then. Sometimes siblings get do rough with each other. You could ask them to do that if you feel after looking at him that something is wrong. In the discussion did you ask them what they plan to do to prevent this from happening again? Check in with the breeder toward the end of the week to get an update.

  • coltcolt
    Posts: 36
    @StaticNfuzz - yes they separated them last night when they got back, and the brother pup was flying out today so he won't be there this week. The breeder is a 6 hour drive from my place (only one in Alabama) so hard to visit - but that was my plan.
  • TengaiTengai
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    I had that happen to us once. Our first litter I believe. The new owner was on their
    way(4 hour drive) and the pup was out with the other dogs playing running in the yard. One of the adults got a bit too rough with her and she was steam rolled at a full run. Saw it happen. Pup was limping pretty badly. Got better by the time they came but still limping. They took her home went to the vet within 36 hrs which is the norm, but I paid for the extra recheck and anything additional if it was needed(Vet didn't think she needed xrays ) She was fine a few days later. Soft tissue injury. Pups are pretty resilient.
  • coltcolt
    Posts: 36
    @Tengail - thanks for the encouragement. It's crazy how attached you can get to a pup even before you meet him!
  • Even my Kai puppy had a similar thing happen (not as bad though). Got bowled over in the yard and was limping slightly by the time I got him. He was fine--the next day, I didn't even see it (and actually had forgotten about it til I saw this post).

    Yes, let the dog have an extra week, and see how things are then.

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