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Cold weather
  • brscrnsbrscrns
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    We have been having very cold weather, sub zero temperatures along almost a foot of snow, and sometimes our dogs have a hard time taking care of their business. I have tried Musher's Secret, and they just like to lick it off. The other problem is that Hoshi(3yrs old) likes to eat the ice and snow so much that he gets distracted from doing his business. With the weather being so cold I don't like to take him out for long walks because at times he seems more sensitive to the cold before he gets his business done. Does anyone have a comment on what to do?
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
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    Distract them from licking the Musher's with a treat or toy for a minute while it sets? Works for us when Kiba tries to squirm away or lick it. We're having the same weather. :( My only other advice is if I think he's not done with his business yet or we're not close to the house but we've been outside a while I'll pick Kiba up and walk a short distance with him trying to warm him up, then let him down again. But he's still fairly small.
  • Kobe1468Kobe1468
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    I would suggest shorter more frequent outings. We are having the same cold spell in Ontario Canada. Kobe has never had a problem with cold weather, but I don't like keeping him out in it for extended periods.

    As I said in another recent thread, he's very picky about where he goes, so knowing his schedule is very important. If I find he's being distracted by something, I'll just bring him back in the house and wait for an hour, or until he's at the door, and try again. It's not real convenient, but it's part of owning a dog.
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  • LoreliLoreli
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    Our weather is the same here. We are looking at -45F windchills this coming week >< We have a fenced in yard so mine ask to go out (I'm a SAHM so I can do this) but I always bring them back in within 10 min of being out. It's too cold out there...even for them
  • This weather is horrible. Jack loves the snow and does fine in temperatures over 15 F but with the negative temps, he gets outside and within 20 feet he starts lifting his paws, whimpering and sometimes screaming in pain and wanting to head back. At the dog park, we had to carry him in and he did a monster poop 10 feet away, then he saw another dog and ran towards her but about 20 feet in he started Shiba screaming because of the cold. The other dog a Bernese mountain dog didn't seem to have any issues and her dad was dumbfounded. we don't know what to do!

    Musher's wax doesn't work at all in this weather (we've been using it all winter so far because of the salt.) Regardless, I've started putting boots on his paws in the house - alternating back and front paws - trying to acclimate him to it. It's going to be a little better tomorrow but come Sunday night it's supposed to drop here again below 0. :( Hopefully he gets used to the boots in time.

    One thing we are going to try is digging out the snow a few patches around the yard with paths to them that are as clear of snow as we can get it - hopefully we don't get the 6 inches they are predicting before Monday.

    I'm even going to go ahead and set up a potty pad in the house even though he's never used one and never had an accident - he is the most meticulous and clean dog (obsessive) as most shibas seem to be.

    Any other thoughts or ideas?
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
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    @JacksMom13 I'm curious, I feel like every time I've read reviews for boots online they're always negative (these dont stay on, these dont fit right, etc). Do you (or anyone else) think there are well-made dog boots that fit well? If so, which are they?
  • I got these new kinds that are called outdoor socks. The ones with straps and velcros fall off and I can't keep them on him. the rubber disposable are impossible to put on - he's an in-between paw so mediums are too big and smalls are too small. the socks have a rubber foot thing that his paws fit in and the socks are tight enough and seem to cling well to his fur and skinny legs. The first time I didn't pull them up all the way. Now I pull them up as far as I can with his paw having enough room. He's too much of a statue still so he hasn't kicked them off yet. It's only been 2 days trying these... I'm desperate - back legs are faster to acclimate because he still has front paw control. I switched him to front paws and now he just looks like he's crying inside but they haven't fallen off and he can't seem to kick them off yet. I'm expecting once he gets more confident he's going to try to kick it off so I don't expect it will stay on 100%.

    We just tried these outside. BIG FAIL. The socks stayed up but the part on his paw is slippery on the snow and gets hard from the cold and even though the inside is some softer material, the paw part was twisting around and the sock part pulled down because of it.
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  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
    Posts: 259
    That's a bummer, sorry they didn't work out, at least so far.. :/

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