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Shiba and Newborn (Human) Baby
  • Hi Ya'll,

    My husband and I are having a baby in March (we're both super excited!) But I have a rather spoiled baby Shiba already. Actually, he's not so much a baby, he's almost 1.5yrs and he's not TOO spoiled, although most of our friends and our parents think so. :-)
    I'm just wondering if anyone had a Shiba prior to having their kids and how the Shiba reacted. Right now Sasuke is my baby. He sleeps with me, wakes up in the middle of the night to eat with me and I'm the one he listens to the most (although as you all know Shiba's tend to have their own agenda for the most part). I read prior to getting a Shiba that they are very protective over their young (pups and humans alike) and was wondering if anyone had any personal experience with that.

    Please let me know.
  • SayaSaya
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  • BriSandz- I have a lot of experience with this! Our Ginger was about 2 years old when I had my son. I was also really worried because Ginger is spoiled as well and our house was so quiet before our son. Ginger is also wary of strangers so I didn't know how she would react to this new little being in our home who cried, made strange smells and demanded all of our attention. Ginger did great. More than great. Fast forward 20 months and Ginger and our son are BEST friends. She lets him pet her, hug her, attempt to ride her (I usually sweep in and save Ginger from that fate, lol), use her as a pillow, and chase each other around the backyard. Our son thinks Ginger is hilarious, especially when in the midst of a Shiba 500. My husband brought home the baby hat and blanket for Ginger to smell while we were still in the hospital but honestly, we didn't need to. We never discouraged Ginger in her curiosity, just kept a close watchful eye when she would sniff him. Lots of rewards, treats, and hugs for being a good girl around him. She was a little nervous walking next to the stroller at first, but now she is fine and sometimes our little guy reaches out to try and grab her leash, hehe. I never thought our very headstrong and independent Shiba would be so attached to our little man but she is. If he is in his crib crying, she immediately whines and waits by his door. His highchair is her favorite spot in the house and I admit, Ginger has put on some weight since our son started eating at the high chair. Also, it is SUPER fun to let it rain Cheerios all over the floor and watch the dog eat it :) Best of luck and I am sure with some positive reinforcement, your pup and your little one will be best of friends!
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  • As and additional resource ….Dogs and Storks information:

    They provide direct access to contact them if you have questions. So nice to have the immediate follow up if you have concerns that may be questionable.

    Same goes with Colleen Pilar (listing this one again) - Kids and Dogs site (she is very approachable in regard to questions etc.).

    Good luck and happy parenting
  • additional resource.... toddler stage and above..... Also has a support system for those who have been bitten...
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