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Moving with 3 shibas
  • brscrnsbrscrns
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    We have 3 shibas and will be moving about 800 miles next fall. We are looking for some advice/tips for travelling long distances with 3 dogs. We plan on making the trip in 3 days with 2 overnight stops. The dogs are 4 years, 5 years and 6 years old and have no health issues. Two of them used to get car sick, but they out grew that problem. Would it be a good idea to bring along some medication? We have a Subaru Forester and we plan on having all 3 in the back seat with a "dog seat belt" attached to each dog. We don't want the back lowered to expand the cargo area since we will be having our own luggage in the back.
    A question we have now is, how often do you recommend stopping for potty/water breaks. When we travel long distances without our dogs, we usually stop to stretch after 2-3 hours. We found a website to locate pet friendly hotels, but if there is another one, that would also help. Our shibas have only been on a few long distance car trips (about an hour) so we are unsure how they will handle a long distance trip.
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  • ddavidddavid
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    I certainly wouldn't let then stay in the car overnight - just in case that was your thought also. I would place a pan of water into the rear because cars can become very uncomfortable hot and sun shining makes it worse. Not enough air circulation is usually the problem. Perhaps using a window sun shield will help. When we travel we stop usually about every 2 hours to 3 hours to stretch our feet & walk the dog. It should be no different from home, other than them sitting in one spot for a long time is hard on a dog depending what your dog is used to. Some people have dog cages when going to work and spend 8 hours in a cage. Most motels allow dogs in certain rooms, but I would call ahead to make sure there is availability.
    I never had 3 dogs at once, which sounds to me you will have a chore to handle. On my trips I let my Shiba sit on my lap or he sits next to me with his head in my lap.
    800 miles with 2 overnights sounds excessive. 1 night should do it. We travel usually about 400 miles per day. Roughly 7 hours.
  • BootzBootz
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    Give them a nice long walk before the car ride. Then I would say you can go 3-4 hours minimum without a stop. Just keep an eye on your shibas (if you're not the driver)

    My dogs stay awake for the first hour of the car ride since they get excited to see new things during the trip. After that they KO for about 2-3 hours. I never had a 400 mile+ long trip with them but id assume they would sleep the whole trip.

    Just make stops when you notice they are squirming or showing the usual potty signs.
    My dogs won't drink water in transit so I don't bother leaving a bowl.
  • sunyatasunyata
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    I go on a lot of long trips with my pups, so I guess I have a ton of experience with this. Haha.

    I would NOT have water in the back seat, that is just asking for a giant mess. Plus, it has been my experience that the dogs will not drink while the vehicle is in motion. Just make sure that you have some fresh, cool water for them on your rest breaks. You may also want to have some good treats available as well.

    I generally stop every 3-4 hours unless we are driving late at night, then I just monitor the girls and see when they get restless.

    Nola usually sleeps the whole ride, unless there is a lot of start/stop traffic. Then she gets up and checks things out. Bella likes to watch things, so she generally sits up for a while, then gets sleepy and takes a nap.

    The biggest issue is at rest stops, especially if it is hot outside. When doing interstate trips, I try to just stop at rest stations that have gas, food, and bathrooms. I will park as close to a grass area as possible and in the shade if at all possible. This way, I can walk the pups on the grass with minimal contact with hot pavement. I will give them a bowl of water and some treats and will try and keep them physically occupied for a good half hour to stretch out. When alone, it is a little tricky with my own bathroom break, so I usually have an extra key to my car with me so that I can leave the dogs locked in the car with the A/C on.

    I am very lucky in the fact that my dogs do very well in the car and do not get car sick or anxious. If any of your pups have issues in the car, I would suggest working on that now so that you can get a handle on it before the move.
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  • brscrnsbrscrns
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    sunyata, thank you for your advise. We will be driving mostly on the insterstate from IL to AR. So far we have only driven the route once, which was done without the dogs. Right now I think the weather is too cold to have the dogs going for long car rides, but when the weather gets warmer I will give them longer car rides together. Currently, I only take them to the vet one at a time and the trip is only about 4 miles round trip.
  • XabiXabi
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    As far as pet friendly hotels, a pal of mine said La Quinta's are almost all pet friendly. I haven't check them out, but this is coming from a woman who routinely flies with her dogs (in the cabin with her). I trust her advice.
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  • zandramezandrame
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    We use TripAdvisor to check out hotels, and check the "pets allowed" option on the amenities filter.
  • Once you have some potential hotels picked I would call them and ask. Some places have special rules, require an additional deposit, etc. I have noticed that these details are not usually mentioned online so it's best to call and confirm the hotels policies.
  • when ever i have to drive with the pups, Motel 6 and MicroTel Suites have a corporate policy that pets are always accepted, makes traveling easier for me.

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