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Rib Eye Bone
  • ekaseyekasey
    Posts: 22
    Guys sorry I searched and did not find anything useful.

    Had a bone in rib eye tonight ( from a restaurant ) and wanted to know if shinobi could have the bone after it has been refrigerated.

    She normally gets Wellness Core Ocean Formula with some other things like cheese and chicken here and there.

    I'm sure this could upset her tummy a bit but I felt like it would be a nice little treat, should I leave the bone afterward?

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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    I would not personally, bones that are cooked have a tendency to splinter more so than raw ones. Not to mention that you don't know how much salt and spices were used to flavor the meat and could cause a digestive upset for your dog as well. I would definitely NOT recommend feeding it to your dog.
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  • I only occasionally give my dog raw beef or lamb bones. Like the person above me stated, bones that have been cooked tend to splinter, which can perforate organs and cause internal bleeding if not death. Better safe than sorry.
  • ekaseyekasey
    Posts: 22
    Yep much agreed guys, thanks for pointing those out.

    If a mod sees this feel free to close due to question answered

  • amtiamti
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    No, beef bones are too hard and will break teeth. Individual rib bones are too dangerous in that they can be a choking hazard as well. I feed raw and never give beef bones except for connected rib bones, so my dogs have no chance of trying to eat them. I actually ordered rib eyes from our raw feeding coop and cut away the center meat, then gave the remainder to the dogs (raw).They just nibbled on the ends of the bones, if anything. And after the meat was gone, I threw it away.

    Here is the slab of bones (still with lots of meat) the first day:
    photo IMG_20130620_1648031_zps8ed48bdf.jpg

    This is what remained of the rib eye rack after three days of eating by two dogs:
    photo IMG_20130623_1813251_zpsc3ca7bc1.jpg
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  • SayaSaya
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    If you want to give a treat maybe try a chicken drumstick or thigh every once in while.

    I like bone item to have some meat to tear off.

    She has gotten lamb, pork ribs she handles them fine. I have deer ribs which are pretty soft..

    beef bones are very hard. I've given beef ribs fine, but she is good about just tearing the meat off Saya will gnaw on it tiny bit to get every last bit of meat off, but she doesn't bite hard. only tiny bit of bone is edible. Some dogs have broken teeth on beef ribs..

    Lamb ribs and chicken are much softer though.

    Chicken is usually best to start with as you can remove skin to reduce fat till the dog is used to it. be sure any meat is not enhanced by salt or broth.. high sodium can be issue poop wise.

    Also why close this thread? Your question has been answered, but still if someone else want to ask question on giving cooked bone they can ask it here?

    Don't think there is a cooked bone thread..

    Raw bone is much safer than cooked. Plus meat on the bone gives a good workout too.
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  • TengaiTengai
    Posts: 275
    cooked bones never! raw absolutely
  • ekaseyekasey
    Posts: 22
    Fair enough, we can keep it open and thanks for all of the sound advice guys.

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