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A couple of questions - puppy meeting very exciteable dog
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  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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  • I did think about that but Oki will only be 10 weeks old so the walk isn't an option. Perhaps the garden will do? I know it's cockerpoo territory, but maybe better than the house for introducing them? Then if they're fine we can let them inside after a few minutes. Maybe going in through the back door will confuse cockerpoo as it's not his normal place to go crazy!
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    I know this wasn't your question, but I want to chime in with the one thing I wasn't prepared for when we took Kiba to visit family for a day, I don't know how long your trip is, but ours was around 2 hours drive and Kiba got carsick about half way through, because the holiday traffic was very stop and go for a while and the car we were in didn't handle smoothly. Just something to think about/ prep for if its a big trip.
  • It's only 30 minutes, should be ok. Apart from bringing towels and tissue etc, how do you prep for possible car sickness?
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    I think the solution to your worries is

    #1 have your parents walk their dog just before your arrival to tire out their dog or at least use up most of her energy

    #2 have their dog greet obi on leash away from the house.

    #3 As long as #1 and #2 goes well. Then you shouldn't have any problems from then on. Walking you puppy shouldn't be a problem as long as you make sure to avoid other dogs poop or other dogs you don't know are fully vaccinated (unless your parents place is a high risk area)

    #4 most important thing regarding car sickness many people forget, even though it's basically common sense. Don't feed your dog before they're about to go on a car ride. My rule of thumb is give a minimum of 1.5 hour between the meal time and the car ride.

    You probably already know these stuff but is a worry parent since your shiba puppy just recently was added into the family.
    Make sure to read more of the puppy thread to increase your knowledge as a new shiba owner :)

    Good luck!
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
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    In our case he ate like two hours before the ride, even a little longer I believe. As for prepping, I would say towel, yeah, but I know they make like a preventative pill like they have for people, like anti motion sickness pills. Someone was telling me about it right before we went actually but Kiba had never been sick in a car before. I felt ill myself though it was a tough trip. If its a shorter ride and you're not worried its not a big deal, I just know if we're doing a long trip again I will probably look into a preventative for him.

    I think for the dog issue Bootz gave good advice.
  • brscrnsbrscrns
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    Nahatalie, As for the car sickness, if you want to use medication, you can give Oki some dramamine. Since he is only 10 weeks old, you might want to check with your vet first for the amount to give.
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    Yea if hes that young and its not a long ride I wouldnt necessarily do it I just wanted to share something that I learned the hard way lol.
  • Only 30 minute ride on Boxing day. He'll be doing a 3 hour ride when we first get him, to bring him home! I'm sure he'll be alright without medication. I am looking forward to him meeting everyone, I am just aware of "one bad experience..." potentially ruining something about him. Hence all of the prevention questions!
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