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Serious allergic reaction to the distemper vaccine
  • BarrowBarrow
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    photo 5A0A851C-2325-421B-B210-013AD3F93C78_zps5xhq4viq.jpg

    Poor Deshka had a severe reaction to her distemper booster and we learned several important lessons to pass along. We took Deshka in to update her travel health certificate and learned that she needed her distemper booster. Thankfully, this is the only vaccination Deshka needed because it was the only vaccination given as compared to combination vaccinations usually used (rabies and distemper are commonly combined). Now that we know what Deshka is allergic to, we can prepare her ahead of time before her next booster (probably three years from now provided that her immunity remains strong).

    Deshka had a violent reaction to the vaccine approximately 30 minutes after her injection. She breathed hard and vomited multiple times on the way home from the vet's office. I called the vet immediately after arriving home and the vet asked if Deshka had started swelling (which Deshka had not at this point) and our vet let me know that it is rare for a dog to be allergic to the distemper vaccine, but if a dog is allergic that the reactions will typically occur within the first 60 minutes of the injection. Our vet immediately recommended that we give Deshka 25mg of plain Benedryl which we did (using the liquid gel type of pill) and that we were to call her (our vet) back if Deshka started to swell around the eyes or mouth.

    After approximately an hour from giving Deshka the 25mg of Benedryl, Deshka started swelling around the eyes and mouth; poor Deshka started rubbing and scratching her eyes and muzzle and became very lethargic. She was miserable; we immediately called our vet and she asked us to take Deshka back to the clinic immediately-which we did. We met our vet and her tech at their office and they immediately shaved a small patch on Deshka's leg and injected a steroid into her vein. The result was amazing....almost all of the swelling and red eyes were completely gone within the hour. Deshka stopped all her scratching and rubbing immediately. We kept close watch on her all night and our vet asked that we drop Deshka off at her office on our way to work and our vet kept Deshka in her personal office to keep an eye on her; which we did. We picked Deshka back up at noon and other than being tired (she slept most of the remainder of the day) she was fine.

    photo 56B8BE2C-7E96-4FEB-B8E0-87ADBC0DA288_zpsqjyncuvs.jpg

    The timeframe between the first picture on top and the picture below is approximately 2 hours......Deshka is really good now!!
  • jennjenn
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    Aw poor girl! Thank you for sharing, I will be sure to have some Benadryl on hand in case next time Rigby has vaccinations!
    Jenn, Shiba Slave to Rigby /
  • amtiamti
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    How scary! I'm glad your vet was open during the time you needed her!
  • RyanRyan
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    Titre test before your next shots, might not ever need them again :)

    (from my understanding)
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