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"Are you going to breed her?"
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    I guess my Kaji isn't attractive because we've never been asked that. I probably would just laugh and say not unless there's a miracle because he's neutered!
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  • Funnily, most people only ask about our girl who is spayed and while lovely, is not quite to standard (because she's slender and leggy though still proportioned). Occasionally we get asked about her brother (they are full siblings) because he is intact. We have to explain that he is a retired show dog and our contract with our breeder requires us to keep him unaltered. Honestly though, since we're very responsible about making sure no accidents would occcur (as they only would if he escaped) I don't see a good reason to alter him unless i was asked to do so by my breeder. The strong bias towards spay/neuter in the states comes from the absurd number of people who are grossly negligent about watching their unaltered pets.
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    Pimp your dog? Lol j/k.
  • Just some musings from a former cat is *so* easy to misinterpret a written breed standard unless you have a real life example to work from. Things like eye shape, ear set, length of body, or legs... all are subjective. I was amazed at how badly I'd misinterpreted the paragraphs I'd read over and over when I saw the real thing. I've also recently found that while we set out to get a pet, we can clearly see the differences between pet and show quality dogs. Does that make me a Shiba snob? LOL.

    All that being said, we don't yet have our pup but I expect she will be spayed. Not every pedigreed animal is breeder material. The public is ignorant, they mean no harm. No is usually a good enough answer.
  • When I got Quake at twenty eight months old he was still intact because my son had refused to have him neutered. Even the vet in Virginia asked me why did I not breed Quake since she thought he was very healthy, had beautiful markings, very intelligent, and well behaved. Other people also asked me about breeding him and said I could make alot of money. I felt very annoyed. I am glad I had Quake neutered last February. I want to make sure my little boy stays healthy.
  • I got so much crap for neutering my dog. Surgery was monday, have one friend who literally isn't speaking to me because of it, but it's my decision to alter my dog. End of story.

    Whenever someone tells me that my dog has a great temperament/color/whatever, I usually offer to refer them to the breeder I got him from. That usually ends the conversation one way or the other. And if you're not willing to look further than your neighborhood to get your puppy, well...don't get one.
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    That friend is not a friend if s/he cannot respect your decision.

    You handled it well. Peer pressure should never affect YOUR decisions.
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  • In all fairness, as a man, the idea of castrating a living thing is just plain wrong prima facie.

    Some people will look at pros and cons. Some won't. I struggled with whether or not to fix banjo for a long time. In hindsight, I am glad I did, but I know in Europe it's less common.

    To each their own but it is a very cruel sounding practice.
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