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Shibas on Craigslist
  • Not sure where this one is supposed to go, thread-wise, but maybe someone can tell me.

    One of my friends knows that I'm searching for a Shiba pup, so they went to craigslist to try to help me. This person, though trying to be helpful, has no idea the amount of research and work I've done trying to find the righ breeder.

    What I really wanted to share with you guys were the three ads below. One guy looking to breed his BnT ("preferably into a red or white"), someone selling their 2 year old Shiba, and a third looking to sell pups for $500, even though they state that they've been breeding/showing Shiba Inus for awhile.

    [links removed]

    I think it's kind of sad when pets end up on Craigslist because you never know who will end up with them. So yeah, just wanted to share and hear some of your thoughts.

    [links removed per forum rules ~ mod.]
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    Already a thread here:

    I certainly understand your concerns!
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  • Thanks Kobe! :D
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