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Houdini Inu
  • This morning, as I arose from bed, I found Pepper, my 2 year old shiba, curled neatly on top of our bed covers. She had a smug smile on her face knowing she had accomplished something devious, and as if I would not notice. By choice, we don't allow Pepper and Dexter to sleep on our bed, unless it's a special occasion. We usually crate them at night. Before going to bed, I snuggly tucked Pepper into her crate and brought Dexter to bed. He was feeling a bit off that night, and my husband and I wanted to make sure he was doing okay. Half way through the night, Dexter decided to go back to his crate. So I got up and put him back in. Pepper must have 1) gotten jealous, 2) decided she deserved to be on the bed, and 3) needed to find an escape route out of her crate ... and that she did. This morning, the door to her crate was wide open and she was sleeping neatly curled up on our bed. I swear she has hands and not paws...

    Has your shiba ever pulled a Houdini??
  • BootzBootz
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    Depending on what type of crate you have....its not surprising that your Shiba can get out of it.

    Some loose crates, if the dog keeps pawing at it with their foot, will unlatch the door.

    I would suggest you try to find a way so that she cant get out of it, for her safety of course.
  • tatonkatatonka
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  • @KingKobiYashi, Kobi sounds adorable! haha. We are thinking of getting a webcam for when we're at work. We always wonder what our pups are up to when we're gone. Shibas are too smart!
  • @seastar135 I recently read about something that's sort of like a roomba but it has a webcam and a speaker on it, so you can not only see what your dog is doing but also talk to him/her. I have no idea how much it costs, but I was very intrigued!!
  • LuvourSiLuvourSi
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    @kingkobiyashi that's funny (only since he's okay)! My Si learned to open the gate to the back yard. When he did it he gave me that shiba smirk like yes I'm smart. After that time when I let him out I would watch him when he didn't know I was watching, to make sure he didn't attempt again, he looked up at the latch then turned around. I guess he had already proved to himself he could do it and he knows how good he has it at home lol no since in leaving haha!

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