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1-year old STILL skittish?
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  • RikkaRikka
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    My Sienna does this...but keep in mind, she is 1) from a puppy mill and 2) new to our household still (been about 2 months). She is 2, but the weird thing about her is that when we are just walking toward her, with no intention to pick her up or even touch her, just going about our business, she does the awkward "which way you goin?" backtracking and moves out of the way or scampers off...BUT, at the same time, she LOVES to be chased! Seems strange that walking toward her at a normal pace, not even paying attention to her makes her nervous, but if she is ready to play and barks at you, tail wagging, and you come charging after her, she just loves it. Maybe it's because she knows it's playing...but when she's uncertain of what we are up to or where we are going, maybe that scares her. Not sure if this is similar because sounds like you have had yours as a puppy.
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  • brscrnsbrscrns
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    Shibas like to do the unexpected when they are being ignored. When my husband and I drink our coffee in the morning, we sit in recliners and sometimes one or two of our Shibas (we have 3) jump into our lap, almost spilling our coffee.
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    First of all Shibas are usually very sensitive to body language, walking straight towards him will mean that he should move out of your way. Juni used to do that too, I instead walked towards her but with a slight angle and would sit down at her side instead of face to face, more friendly and polite in her point of view.
    The harness- I just think it's a shiba thing. I never even try put it on indoors, we only use the harness for certain activities so I put the collar on, go out and when needed I can easily hold her and put it on.
    To teach him to come I find it useful to use fun games, but no it doesn't work all the time with my stubborn girl...
    One game she still loves is if I throw treats sideways (small round easy to chew treats that will roll on the ground) . From the beginning you may have to cheer him on and run with him a few steps. The second he grabs the treat you throw a treat in the other direction so he has to run back. After sometime you can say come every time he turn around to run for the next treat. Then you can suddenly stop throwing treats, he will definitely run up to you then to ask for more. If you want to finish reward him for coming to you or start up the game again by throwing out a treat again.
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    Lol Kiba does this nearly every time we go to take him out. I'll either do as Bear's dad said and walk away until he is ready to try again, or I go to sit on the couch and wait for him to sit next to me. He has a favorite spot on the couch where we keep a blanket that's "his" and I can usually get him to sit still long enough for me to put the harness on if we're sitting there. Only in that spot. Lately sometimes he'll run around forever not letting me get it on, so I walk away and try again like 3 separate times. Then he'll go to his favorite spot and go limp until I've got his sweater/harness on. Hes about 4 and a half months old now.
  • amtiamti
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    Kaji used to run when I would try to harness him for walks. He loves walks, and when I left him behind a couple of times, he wasn't too happy. But that didn't really help with him running away from me. What helped was, I quit using a harness. I show him the neck collar and he is okay with that. Having a foster that comes running to the door to be clipped definitely helps too. "If Sheba's going, I have to go too!" is probably what Kaji's thinking. Also, now that it is colder, when I get my coat, he follows me around the house because he knows he's going to get a walk. I put his collar on all over the house, usually where ever I find it, which is where I took it off last. So by the time it is walk time, he's ready. One other trick I used is to open the door. That vast outdoors is really hard for him to resist. And one peek, he's usually ready to sit and be collared.
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
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    Kiba runs away sometimes when I want to hold him, if hes excited and running around already he definitely will run away when I approach him, unless I'm offering a treat or a game of tug, or he wants to jump up on me because he hasn't seen me in a while. If I really need him to be somewhere and he wont let me pick him up or come when I call I will run to where I want him to be and he'll chase me there.

    On a related note, our trainer taught us that if we're out and he gets loose from us, instead of trying to chase him, plop down on the ground and act like you're having the best time ever and be all excited so they run back to you. Haven't had occasion to try it yet but she says it works.
  • amtiamti
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    My son says whenever he wants Kaji to come to him, he just lays down. Of course, he does it in the house. I don't think it would be as easy (for me) if it were outside. The easiest way for me to get Kaji to me inside or out, is to open the treat bag or start petting and talking to another animal. I'll even talk to a stuffed toy if a live one isn't available, and that works too.
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    I probably am already doing something similar to the focus command, but without saying it. When Kaji comes over, he sits. I tend to bend over to treat them (Sheba too if she's sitting), so it probably looks like the treat is coming from my face. I also tell him to "Look at me" when there are other distractions on walks and I need him to walk with me. I should try using "focus" because it is shorter.

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