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Seasonal Allergies in the Winter?
  • Hi guys!

    I wondered if anyone had any experience with their Shiba having allergy issues in the winter? We live in a pre-war building in NYC, and Tonka has been having some goopy eye issues for about a week. I remembered him having similar issues last year at this time, and I had originally thought it was a mohair blanket I had on the bed (I thought the fibers were getting in his eyes, and when I moved the blanket, it seemed to help). He's having the same issues now - unless I'm on top of cleaning his eyes, he gets a whitish discharge that gets a little crusty, and sometimes runs so it looks like he's been crying. One of his eyes is a little reddish (barely noticeable) - other than that, though, he's his normal, cheeky self, running around and playing, so it doesn't seem to be bothering him - he doesn't even scratch his eyes.

    I wondering if it has something to do with the changing of the seasons, or the fact that the radiator heat has come on and stirred up dust or something? Anyone else seen this issue before? I'm scheduling a vet visit sometime soon, but if it's not bothering him too badly and is a temporary thing, I'd rather not put him through the visit or the inevitable treatments. :)


    -Laura and Tonka-
  • It may not be allergies but an eye issue. He could have duct problem or suffer from dry eyes. Can't hurt to get him an eye check with pressure reading etc. while the vet is looking at him.

  • amtiamti
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    I was also thinking dry eyes since you started running the heater. See if using a humidifier helps. We used to put pots with water on top of our radiator when we were younger to keep the air from drying out so much.
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
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    Obvs ask the vet but I recently noticed a clear discharge in Kiba's eyes and the vet said is probably seasonal allergies, especially because we've been having wet days and lots of wet leaves in piles on the ground that Kiba loves sticking his face in.. The vet said lots of dogs have been having allergic reactions from that (we're on Long Island). His isn't white tho.. but he's also a B&T so I dont know if these things will look different on different coat colors? It looks clear to me. If his eye looks red I'd definitely ask the vet..
  • Precursor to glaucoma and other eye conditions are running eyes. So like I mention and eye check can't hurt.

  • sunyatasunyata
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    @TonkaTalks - SNF is correct... It could very easily be something other than allergies (and sounds like it might be more than allergies). Eye issues should be checked by a veterinarian immediately. If ignored, eye issues can cause permanent blindness.

    So get your boy to the vet ASAP!
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