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What to expect as my shiba matures??
  • I did a search for some specifics but couldn't find anything.

    I know all dogs are different but I was wondering what kind of changes I might encounter in the coming months as my Zuki matures.

    Zuki is now 13 months old. He's a pretty good boy. He hasn't really destroyed anything except for his toys. He's pretty much a friend to everyone and isn't scared of anything except for heights. He tolerates getting his nails trimmed. For a shiba puppy he is pretty laid back. Should I expect him to stay like this?


  • BearsDadBearsDad
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    That is a good question, I was wondering how mature Shiba's are in comparison to the younger ones. Our Bear is a little under a year and it sounds like he the opposite of your little guy lol. He hates getting his nails trimmed with a passion, is real timid around strangers, and when he was a bit younger he was tearing up everything he could get his mouth on.
  • BootzBootz
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    I think it varies from Shiba to Shiba....

    But my Bootz was a devil of a puppy. She tore up everything she gets her mouth on...recall was questionable. She had a bunch of energy.

    But around 10 months she calmed down and start maturing. She recently just hit 2.5 years...and she's still mellow. Nothing changed really. She sleeps more, has reliable recall. I would say she's more protective of her family now. :)
  • I agree with Bootz in that I think it varies from shiba to shiba. My 2 y/o female shiba was never affectionate, but loved to be around other dogs and humans. She was very well socialized as a puppy. Right around 1.4 years, she suddenly changed. She was a lot more territorial, more affectionate, but with humans that she was okay with, and less tolerate to small dogs. My second male shiba, whose 1.5 years at the moment, was also well socialized as a puppy. He was very affectionate, with both dogs and humans. He was a licking machine and craved attention and affection, but lately he's been more reclusive and skittish.

    Can't really explain the changes, but I think as shibas hit their teenage years to adulthood, their personalities will change some.
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  • amtiamti
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    It does depend on the dog. Kaji is now 17 months old. He's changed a lot during the last 4 months. He now jumps on my lap to get hugged, is more affectionate, listens better, understands more, and overall, I'm really please with him and his temperament. He likes to crawl under covers a lot now which he didn't do when he was younger. What I dislike is he's begun digging in the back yard and chewing things more. I think he's digging with Sheba... their plan is to dig a hole to get to the chickens because Kaji loves to chase things that run. Sheba just wants to eat the chickens. Kaji will chew up water bottles, plastic tubs from the recyle bin, anything that makes noise, and get things from the table, which he never used to do. I've got bits and pieces of a tree branch on my living room floor he brought in today while I was gone all day (Hubby was home). He's gotten really good about not wanting to greet all dogs on walks now too. When he was younger, he thought every dog was his friend. Now, he watches them and if they show any sign of friendliness, he is excited. But if they bark or ignore him, he ignores them. He's definitely become a bit wiser and more mature and is very good about reading me and my emotions. I just hope his 'wiser' isn't really him becoming less friendly and disliking new dogs, like a lot of shibas do around two years old.
  • Great thread. My Tobi who is 14 months old has started to change a bit. I was questioning whether or not the changes were normal, temporary, or due to the fact that I just moved into a new apartment with a roommate who has a dog. I feel like I transitioned him well by bringing him over to meet the new dog and spend some time in the apartment before moving in. I did this several times and he has seemed really comfortable here. But Tobi is hard to read so, who knows! :)

    Some of the changes:

    -More willing to snuggle, more weary of strangers. He used to go up to and ask to be petted by any new person. In this new place he has completely lost that behavior.
    -Alot more rambunctious and playful (he really likes his housemate Indie, a Brittany Spaniel)
    -He is now barking where before he was completely silent
    -He's challenging me more and likes to play nip at my legs and bite my clothes when I take him out in the morning.

    The last one is something that I'd like to get rid of. We just started an obedience class so hopefully they'll teach me what to do. The whole ignore him, immediately become still and quiet and stop playing thing isn't working. He just tries harder.
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  • So I thought I'd update this thread since Zuki just turned 2 over the weekend. He has changed some over the past year, but nothing really extreme. Here are some things I have noticed.

    - Still loves the dog park, and is a social butterfly, but he seems to now have higher standards of who he decides to play with. If other are not up to his standards, he is happy to just play fetch with me.

    - Decided he likes to sleep in. It can take him a long time to get moving in the morning. A lot of stretching, lot of yawning, followed by a shake or two. Sometimes he will just hop on our bed and lay back down.

    - Has bonded with our cats. He will lay with them both, but he will play with our male cat. They will race through the house. Sometimes Zuki chases the cat, sometime that cat chases Zuki.

    - Likes to get his belly rubbed. He hated it when he was a puppy.

    - He is more affectionate but it is still on his terms.

    He is just a joy to have around. I am so glad we decided on a Shiba.
  • My little boy Quake turned three years old at the end of August. I have noticed he is much more affectionate with me. He was always very sweet with me but now he licks my legs, the tops of my feet and my hands. He never did that before. This started about three months ago. He is also more protective of our condo and barks if he hears a noise that is different from the usual noises. He also seems more groggy and more of a sleepy head in the morning before his walk where before he would jump right out of his bed as soon as he saw me get up. He is the most wonderful joy to be around. I feel like I am the luckiest Pet Mom in the world!!
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    Has anyone had a calm Shiba puppy that just liked to lounge around? Tali is around 14 weeks old now and she's been so calm and collected for a puppy, it's quite surprising. She's really well behaved and social with people, loves to snuggle up on their laps instead of playing. She's already beginning to show the doggy intolerance with other dogs in the office by being very selective with who she plays with. She'll play very hard with her brother Koopa, but just kind of ignores every other dog by sitting on the sidelines curled up on a lap.

    Even at my desk, she'll kind of just chew on her toys, then sleep for the rest of the day. She'll come out occasionally to greet visitors but will go back in once she's had enough pets XD.

    Has anyone else had a calm Shiba pup growing up or can I expect her energy level to go up as she matures into a teen?
  • Kira_KiraKira_Kira
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    Some dogs do change as they get older. Kira was an angel as a puppy and I constantly questioned how long it would last.

    Unlike your Tali, Kira was social with both people and other dogs. I'll admit, while she hasn't changed much she has become more selective.

    Imagine how your puppy is now, times 10 as an adult. That being said, I would focus on more dog interactive situations with new dogs (dogs that she knows and interacts with on a regular basis is fine but I just think that it's part of her day to day life).

    My concern would be that Tali needs more interaction in different environments with new dogs. Your work environment is awesome, but lacks the new, strange socialization opportunity. Maybe that might help with her current reaction to other dogs, as a puppy if she exhibits that behavior than you can probably expect it will only become more intense with age.
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  • Pebbles was always and is still that way. She's about a year old now. She likes going and experiencing new places, but she is perfectly happy to sit on my lap when I go anywhere and just watch. She is okay sniffing new dogs but she doesn't always want to play with them. She tends to pick our other two dogs to play with over any other dogs. There is no guarantee that's going to stay, but that's how she's been for the first year.
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    @Kira_Kira I agree that she does need more new experiences with new dogs but I'm just cautious until she has all her vaccines before having her meet new dogs other than the office dogs or those in obedience class. I take her out during lunch to walk around the paths surrounding my building so she's been getting used to joggers, bikers, kids, basketball players, cars, and uh...geese. She hates geese. I just need to be extra careful since goose poop is apparently irresistible to dogs...

    She's not aggressive to the other dogs, she just doesn't care to play with most of them or will move away if they're all up in her face. She will show interest though and ninja butt sniff, occasionally give chase to a few but only for a few moments before plopping down and just watching from the sidelines instead. I don't mind that in particular, I'd rather she quietly watch than being in the middle of the dog pile where things can get pretty crazy.

  • sunyatasunyata
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    @Nikkitine - Something that no one has mentioned yet is that Tali appears to have a pretty active day life. She is not just sitting at home in a crate while you are at work, she is active and in a (seemingly) stimulating environment.

    So, it is very likely that your girl is getting all of her energy out throughout the day, instead of in crazy bursts like most puppies. (Which is a great thing!)

    As for the other dogs in the office, she is just likely not interested in playing with them because they are not Shiba puppies. She has her litter mate to play with, so why play with other dogs? Once you can get her out and about and used to meeting strange dogs, hopefully she will be more inclined to interact with the adult dogs in the office.

    And yes... Goose poop. At least yours tries to eat it. Nola rolls around in it. :-/
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  • @Nikkitine,

    Goose poop is a major major issue around me. Banjo's drop it/leave it is really good, so I suggest you work on that like no other (start with having Tali drop a toy and give it back to her with a treat. They key is to condition her to understand just because you say that, doesn't mean its gone for ever or something bad is coming).

    FWIW Banjo out grew his goose poop phase for the most part. I don't know if it was him hearing "leave it" over and over or if he ate too much and got sick one too many times.

  • RikkaRikka
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    Has anyone else had a calm Shiba pup growing up or can I expect her energy level to go up as she matures into a teen?

    Sagan was a relatively tame puppy - mostly because my ex-boyfriend would take him into Amazon every day while playing with other dogs, too! It was an extremely fortunate scenario, because it got the best of both worlds: socialization and play-time!

    I can't think of a time where Sagan was particularly annoying with his energy levels, like bounce-of-the-walls type. He's always been a couch potato in the sense that he's perfectly content napping or occasionally coming up to us and wanting some pets. I think Shiba's are awesome in the way that they generally match the energy level of yours. If I'm wanting to go outside and walk him, he's ready to go. If I'm sick and absolutely do not want to go outside (obviously I let him out into the side-yard, but I try to give him two walks a day anyways), he's happy lounging around and doesn't bother me.

    Sagan has definitely "calmed" down as he got older, but again, it's hard to really pinpoint when or how much because he's always been a relaxed dog - at least at home. :)
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  • Sushi's been pretty tame since we got him home... we always thought we lucked out on his temperament. He loves to meet new people and dogs (he loves big dogs... won't give small dogs the time of day). He's affectionate and cuddly, found out that he's great with small children, but sometimes for absolutely no good reason, there are shiba 500 happening lol. Even after a really long walk, played, pooped him out... he finds the need to help me refinish my hardwood floors with his nails, lol.

    Everybody's been posting about their different experiences, and I love how every dog is so unique with different personalities :)
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    Wow I love these replies! Tali is relatively active at work with her daily walks and playtime. She gets her second wind at home though and loves just crawling/cat rubbing all over my lab. Speaking of which, she really really loves Nala and gets the best little airplane ears and Shiba smile when she sees her in the morning and throughout the work day. I'm crossing my fingers that they keep bonding well with these positive experiences. I'm really just trying to differentiate between what is just her being a Shiba and what things I actually need to work more on.

    Thank you so much everyone for sharing your experiences!
  • @Nikkitine Does Tali sit on your lab like this? Every single time he lays down and she is awake, she climbs up on him and sits like this lol.img src="photo 20141202_212239-2_zpsf3f2d5d5.jpg" />
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  • Bahaha, that's awesome :-D I'm sure he totally appreciates the tiny blanket, lol!
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    Hahaha! Yes! Except she sits on my labs head =X
  • NikkitineNikkitine
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    Looks like Tali is in a rather playful mood today because it's Friday. Caught her rumbling with her Chihuahua neighbor, Taco!
  • Too cute!!! Her colours are lovely!! :) Looks like she's having a blasty-blast!
  • Mochi920Mochi920
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    Not sure if it's a fear stage or if as she gets older she dislikes going out but she is so weary of new places. When she was younger we had no problem getting her to walk around new areas and going inside new buildings. Starting about a month ago, she will refuse to go inside new places...actually even places she's been to before she hesitates and pulls away from the leash such as the back room of our store. No bad memories or anything but she doesn't like being led there even though she's eventually going to go in. But once she gets situated, it's fine hah.

    Anyways, when she was around 2 to 4 months old, she disliked being petted and didn't come up to me for any kind of petting. She liked playing but she didn't want any sort of physical affection. She's a little over 6 months now. She actually lets me pet her for about 3 seconds lol and in the mornings, she falls into my lap while I give her a body massage :)

    I've also noticed that she becomes very barkative and loud, as if saying "hey....who are you?!" when she sees someone who didn't introduce themselves to her first. She doesn't get as excited to greet people but still does want to greet people (if that makes any sense). She's also a little picky with which dogs she wants to interact with...such as the training incident.

    I wonder what her personality will end up as as she gets older. So far, she started as a super outgoing puppy who had no fears, but now she's a little bit chilled out and prefers to stay indoors or just in our backyard. We socialized her a lot with other people and dogs but it really does depend on the shiba's personality. I think socialization just kind of guides them on the right path but if the shiba's personality is like that, I don't think it can be helped(?).

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