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Haru just got attacked at the dog park
  • Haru went to the same dog park that we always go to every week to play today. I took off his leash in the gate area and open the door so he can go in and play. I turn around to close the gate for the dog park and I heard Haru scream. I looked and he was on the other side of the dog park. He was pinned down by a baby husky, a little bit bigger than him. As I was running over, that puppy was nipping at him while the owner was too scared to control her dog. I was the one trying to pull her dog off of Haru while she stood there watching. I finally got Haru off with another guy help. He helped carry Haru out to the gate so I can take him home. I looked back to see the owner hitting her dog. She didn't even say sorry for what had happen. I am so shock, that I don't know what to say. Haru was a little shaken up in the car, so he kept whining. When we got home, I gave him a shower and checked all over his body to see if there was any bleeding. Luckily, there was just a little scratch on his neck. He will be going to the vet tomorrow to get a check up so I will ask the vet to look at it. He is sleeping right next to me but it seems as if he is having nightmares. I am so shocked about what happen. It have never happened to us before. Where should I go from here with socializing and dog parks?
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    Each and every time you go to a dog park, no matter how much most of the people care, you do have a risk of coming across this situation. Not every owner understands how to properly socialize and monitor their dog, not every dog even enjoys going to a dog park but gets dragged there by owners insisting it does, and there is only so much you can do about the risk.

    I go to dog parks with big spaces and try to avoid them if overly crowded. I also usually hang back before going into a section (most of the parks I go to have 2 or 3 sections) and watch how the dogs already in there are playing and how the owners are monitoring. This is just my way of gut checking if something worries me.

    As tatonka said, the husky is probably a product of how he is being raised. The owner if they didn't step in to correct the dog (ie via a time out) when Haru was obviously not liking the Husky's bully style of play that is the first red flag. Then the fact they felt after the fact once you were gone that hitting the dog then would be appropriate punishment is the next red flag.

    I would just wait a bit before taking Haru back to the dog park and when you go back just take it slow by going days there are not many dogs there to get a guage on how comfortable Haru is. Sometimes, just like people, in my opinion, the immediate reaction is big and then after some thought and time the whole incident isn't as big of a deal as it first seemed. I am not saying it is or isn't, just that maybe Haru won't be as affected as you think.
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    Yeah.... There are a lot of dogs and owners like that. I highly recommend you to scope out the dogs and owner prior to entering the dog park. I always check to see if there are particular dogs that lock onto mine and if so, I'll take precautions while letting them in.
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  • He does have some friends outside of the doggie park. They still play well after the dog park incident. I may wait a month or two to bring him back to the same dog park. His personality is still the same and he is still social when he sees other dogs on our walk. He's just more cautious when I try to touch his neck but Im trying to help him get over that by giving him treats whenever he let me touch his neck. He is slowly getting better.

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