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A very important message to all pet owners

    an interesting read for all of us and just wanted to share if you haven't read this before
    (forewarning: you will see a picture of what happens to the animals when they are not adoptable and after they need to get euthanized :()

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  • vihleevihlee
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    I agree! Deciding to adopt or buy a pet is serious business! It's very easy for some people to dispose of their pets because of "unforseen circumstances" they wouldn't dispose of their children for the same reasons though. It's a shame animal shelters exist in the first place.
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
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    er, you might want to add a warning for a disturbing image for that link... :/
  • Just did, thanks Kiba! Yeah that image is disturbing, but thats the harsh reality of what happens to them :(
  • tatonkatatonka
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    Thanks for posting that article. Btw, stay away from the comments. Quite a few crazies in there.
  • Thanks for posting this! (And for the photo warning...that was unpleasant to say the least)

    I've actually read this before, and it's part of the reason we decided to rescue our second dog (she's amazing btw! Almost as good as the Shiba ;) One of our local no kill shelters pulled her from OK). I love the fact that there are a lot of rescues in our area that focus on pulling dogs from high kill areas of the country, and most of the shelters in the area are no kill, but every space filled in there means that a dog from somewhere that is not a no kill shelter doesn't get a chance at safety.

    Another thing that greatly disturbs me is the ridiculously high number of dogs that come into PETA shelters who are ultimately euthanized. For a group focused on the protection of animals, they sure are quick to kill them. I do understand that their theory is they are better off euthanized than in unloving homes, but it's still a bit contradictory.
  • OMG that was intense. And really really sad. You know there was a point in having Tali that I was wondering what to do about a financial situation I was having or about my asthma acting up - and the common suggestions from my family were, "You're gonna have to give her up, there's nothing you can do." And I was really angry about it but reading this makes me even MORE angry - now that I know the statistics, I know that no matter what I'm going through, if I ever even THOUGHT about a shelter for Tali, it would be as good as killing her myself. I could never do that.

    I'm glad I never gave into those suggestions - I love her too much haha I'd rather eat PBJ sandwiches for lunch every day than give away my doooog.
  • SayaSaya
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    Same goes for poor greyhounds. A lot of healthy ones get euthanized due to low prey drive or if lucky rescued by greyhound rescues.. :(
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  • Heartbreaking

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