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puppy socialization class
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  • I agree with Kira_Kira, making sure the training facility is providing you with reputable instructors is important! That being said, if the main issue is Nikko acting out (essentially acting like a normal 10 week old puppy) I think the puppy class is probably great for him!

    The socialization alone is important, and it's easy to train a dog at home with no distractions, getting a puppy to listen with 20 other distractions around, not so much! One thing you can try is to use more "high value" treats. I'm not sure what you're using, but our terrier mix was a little devil for the first two classes, although it didn't help that the owner next to us for the first class did absolutely nothing to even attempt to control her puppy, *sigh*. The lesson there was to select our spot carefully. We had to up the ante a bit because things around her were more exciting than the food. We ended up switching to pieces of baked chicken, she was WAY more responsive!

    Idk, I say stick it out and see if he calms down a bit, if he's still not responding maybe you take a break on the classes for a bit.
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    If your puppy is enjoying the classes and meeting the other pups I wouldn't worry too much about him not being able to focus. The classes are for you to learn and then to practise at home. And for him to socialize. If you feel he gets too wound up perhaps you can skip the play session and ask some selected few if your puppies can play afterwards instead?
    Juni gets bored too if the teacher talks too much and sometimes starts trying to rile up the other dogs or start nipping at my clothes so I usually keep her entertained by making her do little simple tricks so she gets some treats and is occupied.
  • I was giving it some thought, and I also think Nikko did not get enough exercise before going, so I'm going to take him on a walk before the class, Hopefully that will also be calming. I am sure he has already met his 100 people. He sat on my porch with me and met dozens of kids and their parents on Halloween. That night alone was a goldmine. Thanks for all the advice. Just having new mom woes. Now if I start talking about the color of his poo, you will know I have gone off the deep end.
  • I took Harley to puppy play every week till he was 6 months old. It was the greatest thing I've done for him. He is a little over a year old now and is great with other dogs at the dog park and dogs that come into our home. No aggressive behavior ever
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    The meeting of 100 new people and dogs in a 100 days is a guideline. Once you accomplished that great! Now start over with the next 100 new people and places. Socialization never ends. Its a lifelong process.
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    You said, "Puppy SOCIALIZATION Class." Sounds like he is getting socialized. It isn't a puppy training class, so you're good.
  • Nikko went to class tonight and was very well behaved. I took him on a 20 minute walk and played fetch for 10 minutes beforehand. So, that's the secret. Wear 'em out. We both had a great time.
  • Hope this is the right thread for this. I wanted to share my experience with a puppy preschool class, and ask for experienced Shiba owners' opinions about dog socialization for somewhat reserved Shiba puppies. I have an 11-week old black and tan Shiba Inu puppy called Kiko that I brought to a puppy preschool class recommended by my friend. Kiko likes to meet new dogs and people, but she is a little reserved at first. The first thing they did in this class was have everyone take everything off their puppies and release them for "puppy playtime". Owners were not allowed to interfere. Unfortunately, all the puppies were at least twice Kiko's size, rambunctious, and hyper, and she immediately got overwhelmed. The entire ~10-minute session of play time, she was either giving that Shiba puppy scream, running away from the other puppies, or trying to hide. She made no attempt to play with any of the other puppies, and just generally seemed unhappy.

    Now, the trainer in charge of the class was totally unconcerned that my puppy was getting run over and bullied by the larger puppies, and when I asked my friend about it, she said I should take Kiko back and try the "puppy playtime" again, with the idea that Kiko will have more confidence or learn to "stand up for herself". My concern is that "standing up for herself" might equate to learning to be aggressive or defensive with other dogs. Or I take her back and she just has another miserable experience of being chased around, further solidifying in her mind that puppies or larger dogs are to be feared. Shiba people, do you see any benefit to subjecting her to this unstructured "puppy playtime" again? Or should I stick with slow introductions with only a few dogs or puppies at a time? Right now, I am thinking I might continue going to class for the training parts and some on-leash interactions with other puppies, but skip the playtime.
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    As a baby, I don't think she would be likely to just decide that all these dogs that she is having a bad experience with are friendly and perfect. I think it would be more likely that she would continue to be fearful, practice that fear, and eventually might feel like she needs to defend herself or at the very least tell the other puppies in a LOUDER way that she is uncomfortable with them.

    I don't think subjecting her to an overwhelming experience would be beneficial That isn't socialization, that's flooding. Some people act like socialization is exposure to the extreme. But socialization is ensuring GOOD experiences and setting them up for success, not forcing them to be terrorized and uncomfortable.

    If you have any friends with calmer pups, maybe you could schedule some interaction with them. Maybe you can start by having them separated until they become comfortable, then have them both working on tricks and getting rewards so they're not focused on each other. Maybe you can reward her and praise her for being curious. Also, be aware that the socialization window closes anywhere from 12-14 weeks old for puppies. So you don't have a ton of time to get some good exposure. Definitely act on that if you can. :)

    Maybe the trainer would allow you to be present but separated during the crazy playtime? Like maybe you could wait outside the area so she could see and hear the other puppies but not be forced to interact with them or be overwhelmed by them.

    I'm having the opposite problem kind of. xD My city isn't very big. There is only one other puppy in Nimh's class. Luckily, she is very friendly. She was from a big litter and has met several friendly dogs, including becoming best buddies with our nearly 3 year old shiba boy, Ozzy.
  • Update: Going against the trainer’s recommendations, I skipped puppy playtime (waited outside the door so she could hear and see the other puppies), but stuck around for the class, and I think I made the right call. When she played one-on-one with a couple of the larger puppies, Kiko was overwhelmed and totally turned off so throwing her to the wolves, so to speak, would definitely have been too much - I think it would have been a complete repeat of last time. She did meet a little 8-week old staffordshire mix pup that was shy and her size, and a husky puppy that she totally hit it off with, though.
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    That’s good! Glad she met some pups that she had better experiences with and wasn’t thrown to the wolves. xD

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