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Home Made dog food. I'm starting to do this! Worried about nutrients.
  • roxanneroxanne
    Posts: 83
    While Django was ill, the vet recommended a very bland diet. Cooked meat and white rice. I really enjoyed cooking for Mr. Mooshy, and now I'm looking into continuing, now that he's well. I have the Pitcairn book, but it's sort of out of date, and I am so concerned about getting him the nutrients he needs. Does anyone have good advice for me? PS, I'm not really into the raw diet. I am thinking about giving him dry food in the morning, (Organic Castor and Polux Organix grain free).... and then a nice home made dinner at night. Do any of you do this? I was thinking the dry food would supplement any missing nutrients from the home made meal.
    I saw a few other threads around the home made subject, but none of them really dealt with specifics... and mostly were about raw food diets.
    I want recipes and ideas about the nutrients.
  • I believe that @tsukitsune used to do home cooked, non-raw meals for her pups.
  • lindsaytlindsayt
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    In general, if you are giving a premade meal once a day, I would not worry much about the specific nutrient content from the homemade meal. It takes years for some vitamin/mineral deficiencies to show up, and then it's easily managed. Give a multiple vitamin, some fish oil, and that should be all you need (assuming you are giving a traditional home made meal of meat, veggies, and some starch.)
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  • roxanneroxanne
    Posts: 83
    I decided to feed him a good quality Organic dog food, too. I figured if I'm going to go processed at all I'm going to do it as good quality as possible. He isn't as interested in the dry food now that he knows he's getting human food later... I wish I could make every meal home made but I'm concerned about getting him everything he needs. Thanks for the feedback, Shiba folk!
  • SayaSaya
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    I've posted this on multiple posts on home made questions.

    balancing diet..

    Dogster homecooking section

    I do home made meals once in while as a treat usually a casserole type thing that is good for people I just and add seasoning to my plate when I eat it and dogs get no seasoning one.

    I have this book it's nice lists dog and cat treats and meals and some meals are good for humans and dogs. :D

    I made one recipe from it and I enjoyed it the dogs loved it.

    i use this with my raw feeding, but it works good for home cooked diet too. it lists nutrients of veggies, meat, organs..

    Since you feed kibble in am I wouldn't worry a ton, but if the dog refuses you can just do good bit of variety.

    Depends on what your dog can handle.. I mostly feed Saya chicken, ewe(female sheep), pork, beef and fish as main proteins, but when I can I get things like rabbit, quail, duck, goose, bison, deer.

    It all depends if hunting buddy has extra or things to get rid of in their freezer.

    If I did a home cooked diet 100% I'd still buy things like heart, liver, kidney as those are good source of vitamins, minerals and stuff.. Only difference it would be cooked.

    I cook my own dog treats I do different kinds from fruit and peanut butter to meat and caned fish treats. They go nuts over both treats fresh pears from my tree. :)

    Sorry for long wall of text..

    Maybe if your dog gets too picky with kibble you can mix the home cooked with it? Make it like a soup so the kibble absorbs the flavor.

    If you feed just home cooked meals be sure to provide a calcium source there is calcium supplements and some mix in egg shells. Not sure if eggshells provide enough or if dog can absorb it.

    If really worried honest kitchen and sojos sells a dehydrated mix to mix with meat that has veggies and vitamins..

    Honest kitchen preference

    Sojos original dog food mix

    I never fed both the sojos or honest kitchen mix your own meat products..

    I fed honest kitchen love and zeal or whatever the fish one is.. Saya and Bella loves both the love and zeal.. I mostly use it as a kibble topper for Bella and nice snack for Saya.

    Good luck with your research. I mainly feed raw, but Saya loves cooked stuff. She thinks sweet potatoes are awesome. Thanksgiving and Christmas they get turkey organs and turkey necks, wings, etc. Plus bit of potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Yummy holiday treat.
    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • amtiamti
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    My mom made food for her dog when her dog became paralyzed. She used a little bit of dog food, but mostly meats, rice, eggs and oatmeal. She also gave Millie veggies- cooked broccoli, carrots, cabbage, tofu, kabocha and some other stuff.
  • Thanks for the great ideas and links! I feel more empowered now...
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    Presently I cook for my guys. A protein (rotate beef, lamb, chicken, organs) mixed with Dr. Harvey's Veg to bowl and a calcium source.

    There are other mixes available from other manufacturers too.
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  • BootzBootz
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    @INU RYUU ohhhh! I might give that a try. Been doing kibble/raw chicken/ premade patties. That would help with my raw transition
  • SayaSaya
    Posts: 6678
    I know someone else who uses Drharveys their dogs do fine with it they get various meat add ins..

    I felt a bit unsure when first starting raw and now four years in I'm good and comfy with it. I'm sure it's same with people who start home cooking.

    Just keep reading up sources of info and learn all you can on the subject.

    Saya loves cooked meals too, but those are usually special meals like Holiday, birthday or just wanting to try a recipe out..

    I came upon this blog looking for dog treat recipe that involve buckwheat flour to try..

    I haven't read all the recipes and things this person wrote, but some of the recipes look yummy.. Saya loves salmon or any meat really.. hehe I might try this one.. Though probably do cooked ground ewe or pork instead of salmon..

    This blog here I read a lot when starting raw it has info on other things besides raw like home cooking, honest kitchen etc..

    It is no longer updated, but still has some nice info to read.

    I hope things go well with your research. :)

    Nicole, 5year old Bella(Boxer), and 4year old Saya(Shiba inu)
  • esilenna_6esilenna_6
    Posts: 69
    Hi everyone! Just wanted to thank you for posting all of this great info.

    My boyfriend, who's a chef, wants to start preparing meals for our 8 month old Haku and I was feeling uncomfortable about it because I'm worried about our puppy getting enough nutrients. But I might just do as some of you said and feed him kibble in the morning and home-cooked in the evening.

    If I feed him kibble, should I still get him a raw bone to chew on maybe once a week for his teeth?

    Thanks again!

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