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Shiba Inu puppy up for adoption in La Crosse, WI!
  • MamaYokoMamaYoko
    Posts: 244
    So of course, when I'm looking for shibas, I have to travel hours to find them. Now that I'm not looking, one pops up in my own city. Ironic...

    Anyway, someone PLEASE scoop up this baby, and when you do, please change his name ("Bro"...really!?) He's 3 months old at the Coulee Region Humane Society. The link is here:

    There aren't any pictures yet...but I'm trying to find out when there will be. I am just trying to help this little guy out, so he ends up in GOOD hands. :)
  • sunyatasunyata
    Posts: 8584
    Nineteen pounds at three months? Most likely going to be a mix, but hopefully he will find a loving forever home!

    I love that the shelter requires group puppy classes, though. That is awesome. :)
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  • MamaYokoMamaYoko
    Posts: 244
    Ya I found that a little strange too...that is my pet peeve when they don't have a clue if it's purebred or not!
  • MamaYokoMamaYoko
    Posts: 244
    Looks like it might be a shiba/australian shepherd or something. Definitely a mix.

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