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Shiba Male Names!
  • CadiCadi
    Posts: 13
    Hey guys! So I still have about a month and a half before I get my little pup, and since I already have a bunch of toys, bowls, and various other accouterments (I foster when I can so I have a bunch of stuff that can be reused) and I have my books, video clips and training equipment readied, I don't know what else I can do to ease my excitement. Then I realized I still don't have a name! So help me out guys and tell me what you think! Or better yet if you have any suggestions I am all ears!

    Here are the names I had in mind so far:

    Sumo (a lot of my friends like this one, Sushi being a close second.)
    Grendizer (a very popular 80's anime that everyone here grew up watching. Dizer for short.)
    Beast (cause he is a beast!)
    Archer (from Archer Sterling!)
    Bacon (Sir Francis Bacon and delicious food, 2 for 1!)
    The Red Baron (Baron for short.)

    So what do you think? Other suggestions are more than welcome and in fact encouraged!
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  • koyukikoyuki
    Posts: 1244
    Personally, i love the name Ziggy. We had a beautiful Australian Kelpie mix at the shelter i worked who we named Ziggy. It suited him really well. He had bundles of energy and loved to be cuddled. That being said, we like naming ours Japanese names. Our two males are named after characters from the tales of the otori. Our first female is named after a Japanese actress, and our youngest is named after one of my partners childhood Akitas.
    I dont like the name Bacon for a Shiba lol.
    Good luck picking a name, its great fun. We have names that we love so whenever we have added a new dog, we just see which name suits them best :-)
    Koyuki - red female
    Takeo- cream male
    Kenji- black and tan male
    Suma- sesame female
    Haruki-brindle Japanese Akita Inu
  • Kiba0713Kiba0713
    Posts: 259
    I like Archer as a name. :)
    Here are some of my favorite boy names that we didn't wind up using:
    (sorry if any translations don't hold up..)

    Koji- little one, dutiful
    Kuma- bear
    Yori –reliable, trust
    Yoshi –lucky
    Yuji –courage, brave, heroic
    Kita – north
    Kaji - fire
    Kazuki – harmony (kazu for short)
    Kage- shadow

  • RikkaRikka
    Posts: 1501
    From your list, I personally like Grendizer and Ziggy. :)
    Lauren, living with a 4 y/o Shiba named after a scientist. ☆

  • Some names from my list for my male Shiba who I ended up calling Kaze:

    Zorro (spanish for fox)
    Higgins (Magnum P.I.)
    Loki (Norse Trickster)

    and if you're bold enough:

    David Bowie
    Christopher Walken

    Kaze means wind in Japanese so my dog's full name is Yosashi Kaze, which means Easy Wind, like the Grateful Dead song!

    I think you'll find that even when you've got a list of names, you'll want to hang out with your new Shiba and let the name come to you. It's okay if it takes a few weeks, it'll be worth it.

    Also, test your names by yelling it out your door as loud as you can and see if you're comfortable with how it sounds. "FLUFFY!" or "Captain Gingersnaps!" won't go down well at the dog about shaming your Shiba...

    Just my .02!

  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    We thought hard about a name for our pup too. Came up with these choices:
    Miso (from Miso shiru, or miso soup, because his coat is red and a lot of the miso is red)
    Hachi - short for hachimitsu which means honey (from bees), and not from the movie.
    Kuma - bear

    and decided on Kaji Kitsune, which means Fire Fox (like the browser). We call him Kaji though, which alone, is fire, and he is a pretty red color with a personality to match it. He's feisty and fun, so we're glad the name fit!

    With my mom's dog, who was 2 1/2 when we got him, we wanted to rename him from Teddy. He was a tough boy who had a great stance and had a scar on his nose. We really liked Kabuto (the helmet Japanese warriors wear) but decided on Taisho, which means general or boss. Because we wanted a Japanese name, one other thing we did is make sure the pronunciation didn't get butchered when someone who wasn't Japanese said the name. We had quite a few disqualifications from improper pronunciation and Kabuto was one of them.
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  • CadiCadi
    Posts: 13
    @Koyuki I was so set on naming him Ziggy, I called it out a few times and wasn't embarrassed to do so. I also love that I can associate it with two amazing people: Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie) and Ziggy Marley. So here I was, all happy and trying it out on people when my sister stopped me. She said I can't name him that, when I asked why she reminded me that in my country's colloquial lingo Ziggy literally means 'my pooping'! Suffice to say I had to rethink it...

    @Kiba0713 I love Mojo! My friend's dog is named that unfortunately! I also really like Kuma, both the meaning and the sound, especially since Bear was originally part of the list.

    @Rikka Grendizer/Dizer is really starting to grow on me the more I use it. The hard 'd' and 'z' sounds make it seem kind of badass.

    @August_West I LOVE the name Bowie, it was my original choice; unfortunately a really egotistical friend has a pet named Bowie. I really don't want him to think I am stealing his name, especially since there is a bit of history there (and he may misunderstand the gesture as something else!) Not a door I am willing to open, which is a shame because I do love the name very much and wanted a pet named that for a very long time.

    @amti That is one of my worries about picking a Japanese name, butchering the pronunciation. Sumo and Sushi seem simple enough (and Miso! That's adorable!) they are pretty well-known Japanese terms that people will find it easy to remember.

    Thanks for the suggestions! I love the names popping up that I never thought of.
  • Hoshi- "star"
    Matsu- "pine" (a symbol of endurance)
  • XabiXabi
    Posts: 432
    I just saw a football team with an owner who spelled it Zygi... I thought that was novel. Maybe you could make it a soft g sound, kind of like zi-ji? I've lobbied many a shiba owner for the name "bushido" which is the samurai code. "Inugami" is a demon dog, but that may up being a self-fulfilling prophecy. I like Francis Bacon, but I like the painter of brutal images more than the philosopher. I once referred to my shibas as "sillies" and a lady misunderstood me and thought that I had named my girl "Selise." So, whatever you name your shiba, you just have to be prepared that folks are going to butcher it.

    I think at best you can have a bunch of names that appeal to you, but until you meet the dog, it's hard to know what will fit.
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