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Fuller look, thicker fur. Raw diet.
  • vylee87vylee87
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    Hi, my 9 month pup has been on the raw diet since 2 months but I've recently have been wanting him to look more full, not necessarily fatter. He seems to be a skinnier shiba but is there a way or things I could add to his meals to make him gain a bit of weight and make his coat a bit thicker? His diet consists of mostly chicken leg quarters with mixed veggies. I have tried to give him eggs but he always gets diarrhea every time he eats eggs so we cut that out. I've began to feed him double his usual portions for a few weeks now but yet to see any change. Anything I'm missing here or is he going to just stay skinny forever? He gets daily exercise, walks, runs, dog parks, etc... Any input is appreciated! Thanks!
  • sunyatasunyata
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    @vylee87 - Please remember to search for relevant threads before posting a new one. There are a TON of threads about weight gain, raw diet, and coat condition.

    If after reading through these threads you still have questions/concerns, then find the most relevant thread to your issue and post it there. However, I have a feeling once you read through some of the existing threads that your questions will be answered. :)

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