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1st Shiba inu (also first dog)
  • So if you read my introduction I'm getting a 5 year old black and tan shiba inu named Jake from my mom's boyfriend...I'm trying to prepare myself for my first dog/first shiba. I would love to hear some advice on what I should expect from Jake, I know I'm going to train him with positive training techniques. I plan on teaching him how to walk on a leash properly (tips would be appreciated), also I'm going to teach him the normal obedience things after he's settled in some. This is my first dog and I'm very excited and I get him in a few weeks.
  • you should give him plenty..PLENTY of exercise (like long walks) so that he burns off his energy. :) you dont want to see a super hyper shiba when its almost your bedtime haha
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    @kcomstoc - Search the forum. There is a TON of information already on the forum that will answer your questions.

    Since all of these questions have been answered before on the forum, I am going to go ahead and close this thread. However, feel free to post in an existing thread if you have further questions or comments.

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