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What Do Shibas And Redwood Trees Have In Common?
  • After living over 20 years amongst the Redwood Trees in Humboldt County, there's one realization you'll come across sooner or later...that you'll never be able to take a photograph of a Redwood Tree and fully do it justice. There's no way to get a sense of proportion unless you've got someone at the base of the tree for comparison...

    I've found it to be true for photographing Shibas as well...don't get me wrong, there's plenty of fantastic shots of Shibas, but to me one of the things that strikes you the most when you meet a Shiba for the first time is the size of them which makes them all the more freaking adorable. It's hard to get a sense of proportion of them unless you've got a human being in the picture for comparison as well.

    Anyone else find this to be true?
  • amtiamti
    Posts: 1066
    Very true! They have such a great stance and are so proportional that when photoed alone, it is hard to tell how compact they are. I just love their size!
  • So true! They look deceivingly bigger in pictures. I'm always asked whether our little girl is a big dog. Absolutely love her size!
  • I completely agree! Even when mine were pups and I took pictures. People always thought he was bigger than he really was.

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